Iraq CP presses for full troop withdrawal

Regaining sovereignty and independence, and implementation of Iraq-US agreement

This critical situation and the tense relations between the ruling blocs coincides with a debate about completing the implementation of the Iraq- US Agreement, with the withdrawal of U.S. troops and ending the foreign military presence in our country by the end of this year, as stipulated by the agreement.

We considered concluding the agreement at the time to be an important step along the path of the restoration of full sovereignty and independence, and stressed the need for the government and political blocs to work for providing all the prerequisites for its smooth implementation. We also called for taking all the measures to ensure that Iraq enjoys its right to sovereignty over its wealth, territories, waters and airspace, stressing repeatedly our rejection of foreign military presence, in whatever form it may take.

In the midst of the ongoing debate today, we reaffirm adherence to the implementation of the agreement with the United States in its entirety, including the full withdrawal of US troops from our territories at the specified time, and reject any foreign military presence, whether temporary or permanent, and regardless of its title.

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