June 2010

2010 Elections: It Takes a Fight to Win

One key arena of struggle is the Congressional elections this fall.

Marriage Equality Summer

Marriage equality activists are refusing to let the pro-discrimination voices of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) go unanswered this summer.

Dying for an iPad?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 17JUNE10 - Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans in San Francisco protest the long hours and bad conditions at the Foxconn factory in southern China, where the Apple iPad is manufactured.

Sanctions against China?

Once again, Paul Krugman is calling for sanctions against China.

Socialism and Sustainability: People and Nature Before Profits

Editor's note: The following is excerpted from a longer speech.

Coveting Riches on the Great Rare Earth Highway

Original source: Black Commemntator There is little doubt in my mind as to what prompted the sudden attention to the minerals beneath the ground in Afghanistan.

What Nixon's Nuke Plans for North Korea Say About Today

The National Security Archive, an academic, non-government research group, has acquired and released documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act concerning Nixon administration contingency plans to use nuclear weapons against North Korea in 1969.

Assessing the Obama Administration

President Obama is variously described as a Wall Street politician, a centrist, a Clintonian, a liberal, a progressive, and a "small d" democrat.

Economic Crisis, Financialization, and a New Model of Governance

The economic crisis is nearly two years old.

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: Righting a Perpetual Wrong

Finally, a parliamentary debate in Lebanon over the human rights of Palestinian refugees.

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