Protesters arrested in Baghdad

Urgent Call for the Release of Protesters Detained by Iraqi Security Forces

A number of protesters participating in the demonstration in Tahrir Square in Baghdad this morning, Friday 27th May 2011, have been detained by security men. Among the detainees are four youths:

- Jihad Jalil
- Ali Abdul-Khaliq Al-Jaf
- Mouayad Faisal Al-Tayyeb
- Ahmed Alaa al-Baghdadi

While declaring solidarity with the detained youths, the General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq (GUSIR) and the Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation (IDYF) strongly condemn this practice which raises deep concern about a return of the authoritarian repressive mentality. We also condemn the measures taken by the Iraqi government in recent days imposing restrictions on the freedom of expression and peaceful protest.

We call upon the Iraqi government to immediately release the four detainees, and all the detainees who participated in peaceful demonstrations. The government must respect human rights and the right of expression and peaceful demonstration as stipulated by the Iraqi Constitution.

We reaffirm our support in this regard for all the legitimate demands of our people that have called for reform of the regime, combating corruption, the provision of services and ensuring a dignified life and social justice.

General Union of Students in the Republic of Iraq (GUSIR)
Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation (IDYF)
Baghdad 27th May 2011

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