Republican Government Shutdown Would Stop Social Security Payments

This from the Stregnthen Social Security Campaign:

SSA has projected to the Committee staff that the House-passed budget would result in up to four weeks of furloughs out of the remaining seven months in the 2011 fiscal year. If Social Security shuts down for a month:

  • 400,000 people nationwide would not have their retirement, survivors, and Medicare applications processed this year, resulting in a large backlog of unprocessed retirement and survivor claims for the first time in SSA history; and
  • 290,000 people nationwide would not have their initial disability benefit applications processed, which means disabled workers, who already wait months for their applications to be processed, will wait an average of 30 days longer.

The SSA provided estimates to the Committee that the following could happen in Illinois as a result of the worker furloughs over the next seven months:

·         150,643 people would go to the Social Security office for help and find the lights off and the doors locked;

·         99,477 people would call the Social Security office and get no answer;

·         21,023 applications for Social Security benefits (retirement, disability, and survivor) could not be processed; and

·         157 jobs would be lost and the local economy would lose $5.2 million.

“Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus today. It has not contributed to the budget deficit, and it should not be cut to reduce the deficit,” Altman said. “Social Security belongs to the people who have contributed to the program, not to politicians in Washington who want to use it as a piggy bank.”

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  • @bruce We live in a country of 310 million people. Yes people are added to Social Security. But as much as we'd like them to be with us always, they do pass away also. Your outrage falls with statistical reason.

    Posted by chuck m., 03/01/2011 7:31am (8 years ago)

  • "290,000 will wait 30 days longer."

    Staggering. What this means is that SS is, under normal conditions, processing new applications for SI or DI at the rate of ~12,000 a day.

    This is the most solid evidence I have seen that the wheels are off at SS. Interesting that this damaging info comes from the Strengthen Social Security Campaign.

    Not even they can put lipstick on this pig.

    Posted by bruce krasting, 02/28/2011 11:01pm (8 years ago)

  • I wonder how all of those seniors who were tricked into voting GOP last November will feel about this...?

    Posted by Marvin, 02/26/2011 11:54am (8 years ago)

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