Green Food in the School Cafeteria: Is it Healthy?

Now that many schools have stopped selling sodas and other unhealthy vending machine items to their students, improving the nutritional quality of cafeteria food is on the agenda of many parents and school administrators. And luckily for the environment, healthier food usually means greener food.


'Managing Consent': The Art of War, Democracy and Public Relations

It was Edward Bernays who fine-tuned the art of Public Relations in the twentieth century. Using many of the psychoanalytic theories put forward by his uncle Sigmund Freud, he developed a mastery of public manipulation, suggesting that such manipulation was essential to democracy itself.


Book Review: The White Man’s Burden

The author, William Easterly, is a former World Bank research economist; his target should be people similar to himself and those currently in academia.


The Empire and the Independent Island

The history of Cuba during the last 140 years is one of struggle to preserve national identity and independence, and the history of the evolution of the American empire, its constant craving to appropriate Cuba and of the horrendous methods that it uses today to hold on to world domination.


What the Bridge Collapse Really Means

The recent collapse of the 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota should awaken many Americans to a reality few of us are prepared to face: It's not just the transportation infrastructure of the United States that is crumbling; it's the infrastructure of America that is crumbling, and with it, the middle class.


Planet of the 'Cavemen'

The stock markets are plummeting and hundreds are dying daily in Iraq. Perhaps we need some escape from these dismal events by examining a new controversy from the world television entertainment.


Military Interrogators Pose as Lawyers in Gitmo to Gather Information

Military interrogators posing as “lawyers” are attempting to trick Guantanamo prisoners into providing them with information, “The Catholic Worker” (TCW) reports.


A Tribute to Rep. John Conyers and the Way Forward

Rep. John Conyers has probably done more than anyone in Congress to expose the depths of the constitutional crisis in our country and to fight to protect and restore civil rights and liberties. He is a champion of the broad people’s alliance to defeat the ultra-right.


Pollution in Peru Linked to US Corporation

Missouri-based Doe Run's toxic lead smelting operation has children breathing sulfur dioxide pollution up to 300 times the level permitted by the World Health Organization.


ALBA: An Alternative Vision for Hemispheric Trade

In Spanish, the word alba means “the dawn.” It is also the name of a bold plan for Latin American integration proposed by Venezuela in 2001 as an alternative to the U.S.-backed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA).

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