Atlanta: Public Housing Residents File Civil Rights Complaint with HUD

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) representing all Atlanta public housing residents has filed a civil rights complaint with US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Iraq: Refugees at Karama in South in Urgent Need of Assistance

People are leaving Karama camp in the southern province of al-Qadisiyyah because of the terrible conditions there, and urgent supplies are needed to rectify the situation.


Police Provocateurs at SPP Protest

Thousands of people rallied against George Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon during the 'Three Amigos' summit at Montebello, despite a concerted campaign by politicians and the mainstream media to downplay the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership.'


Venezuela’s Parliament Gives Initial Approval to Constitutional Amendment Proposal

he first extraordinary session convoked by Venezuela's National Assembly to debate President Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional amendments gave its initial approval to the proposal last week.


Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist

Let's get this out of the way early: I don't support the fighting of dogs. I am not sitting here in a Michael Vick jersey snacking on Labrador fajitas thinking that his 12 month plea bargain is the greatest injustice since Sacco and Vanzetti.


Mortgage Crisis Stoked by 'Incredible Greed'

Baton Rouge, La., Kansas City, Mo., and Bethlehem, Pa., are far from Wall Street, but they are among the ground zeros in the financial crisis now grabbing headlines. It’s a crisis caused, some say, by “incredible greed and looting” by the nation’s financial institutions.


Japanese Prime Minister Abe's Remarks 'Cold-War Mentality'

Abe's idea of an alliance of democracies between Japan, India, the US and Australia is not conducive to peace and stability in the region as it could divide Asia by ideology, Chinese analysts warned yesterday.


The Empire Tastes an Unprecedented Moral Defeat

In real espionage cases, recently tried in the United States, convictions usually do not exceed a 10-year prison sentence. The charge of conspiracy to commit espionage brought against our five compatriots has not even been proven.


Aid Work Becoming More Risky in Baghdad

Aid workers are struggling to find safer ways to deliver aid to displaced and vulnerable families in Baghdad. The city, which is now effectively divided along religious lines, is increasingly under the control of armed gangs and is seen by aid agencies as the most dangerous place in Iraq in which to operate.


Deportation of 50 Africans from Israel Sparks Human Rights Concern

Israel deported to Egypt on 19 August some 50 asylum seekers who had illegally crossed the border over the weekend. The move has been legalized by the state's attorney-general but criticized by rights groups.

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