Japanese Prime Minister Abe's Remarks 'Cold-War Mentality'

Abe's idea of an alliance of democracies between Japan, India, the US and Australia is not conducive to peace and stability in the region as it could divide Asia by ideology, Chinese analysts warned yesterday.


Japanese Peace Activists Call for a Nuclear Free World

The 2007 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and related events took place in Hiroshima on August 3-6 and in Nagasaki on August 7-9.


Australia: Howard Government Dumps Nuclear Safeguards

The Howard Government has effectively dumped any commitment it might have had to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by allowing the sale of Australian uranium to the Indian Government.


Democracy and Human Rights in Burma

Our organization, the Free Burma Campaign, South Africa, is made up of exile Burmese activists in South Africa, along with native South African civil rights and former anti-apartheid activists.


Philippines: Banana Sub-contractors for Dole Foods Hire Child Labor

The Soyapa Farms Growers Association employed 360 contract workers in 1998, both adults and children. Stanfilco, a division of Dole Philippines, part of the Dole Corporation, convinced 108 small growers to form the association in 1992.


Australia: Civil Rights Onslaught Continues

The Howard Government will be out to ramp up its police state powers this week when the Crimes Legislation Amendment (National Investigative Powers and Witness Protection) Bill comes before the Senate.


Japan: Abe Government Rocked by More Scandals

Agriculture Minister Akagi Norihiko allegedly reported expenditures on a non-existent office, and the recent issue of Akahata Sunday Edition revealed that Chief Cabinet Secretary Shiozaki Yasuhisa reported office expenses that are unaccounted for.


Japan: Corruption Deals a Blow to Ruling Parties, Communists, Opposition Make Election Gains

Japan's opposition parties and independents won a total of 75 seats in Sunday's upper house election, grabbing majority in the 242-seat chamber, final vote counting results showed early Monday.