Padilla's Kangaroo Court

This is the man whose conviction is supposed to make us think we got payback for 9/11? This guilty verdict is supposed to make us breath a sigh of relief? I think not.


Made Love, Got War

'Made Love, Got War' is the title of Norman Solomon's latest book, an autobiographical account of the peace and disarmament movements in the United States over the past half century.


Bush’s Brain Calls it Quits (His Other Brain)

Karl Rove will resign effective the end of the month. Recently he had been subpoenaed in regard to the firing of federal judges. When Rove wasn’t denying Blacks the right to vote, he created a climate of voter fraud paranoia aimed at opponents.


Atlanta: Public Housing Residents File Civil Rights Complaint with HUD

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) representing all Atlanta public housing residents has filed a civil rights complaint with US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Police Provocateurs at SPP Protest

Thousands of people rallied against George Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon during the 'Three Amigos' summit at Montebello, despite a concerted campaign by politicians and the mainstream media to downplay the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership.'


Mortgage Crisis Stoked by 'Incredible Greed'

Baton Rouge, La., Kansas City, Mo., and Bethlehem, Pa., are far from Wall Street, but they are among the ground zeros in the financial crisis now grabbing headlines. It’s a crisis caused, some say, by “incredible greed and looting” by the nation’s financial institutions.


The Empire Tastes an Unprecedented Moral Defeat

In real espionage cases, recently tried in the United States, convictions usually do not exceed a 10-year prison sentence. The charge of conspiracy to commit espionage brought against our five compatriots has not even been proven.


God 'Dictated' Miner's Likely Deaths, Insists Millionaire Mine Owner

In a press conference on Monday (Aug. 21), Robert E. Murray, co-owner of Murray Energy which owns and operate the Crandall Canyon Mine near Huntington, Utah, told reporters that 'What's ever happened, the Lord already dictated.'


Bush Orders Exclusion of Children from Insurance Program

Ahead of final passage of a congressional reauthorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), the White House yesterday ordered new rules to the existing program that would force children of working families who can't afford health insurance to go without.


Activists Hold Reception on Cuban Five before Court Appearance

Lawyers, jurists and others from across the United States, Latin America, and Europe descended on Atlanta, Georgia, for a reception held Sunday, August 19, 2007, at the Candler Building downtown, to update the public on the legal battle being fought on behalf of the 'Cuban Five.'

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