Cost of War Sinks Presidential Credibility

Last week several thousand people in 160 cities and towns across the country, organized by, gathered to publicize a recently released report by the National Priorities Project on the cost of war.


Security and Prosperity Partnership Constitutes 'Grave Threat'

Workers, women, Aboriginal peoples, immigrants and people of color, and all those striving to defend democratic rights, oppose war and aggression, and preserve our environment – that is, the vast majority of the people in all our three countries – have a common interest in derailing this dangerous, pro-corporate plan.


'Managing Consent': The Art of War, Democracy and Public Relations

It was Edward Bernays who fine-tuned the art of Public Relations in the twentieth century. Using many of the psychoanalytic theories put forward by his uncle Sigmund Freud, he developed a mastery of public manipulation, suggesting that such manipulation was essential to democracy itself.


Military Interrogators Pose as Lawyers in Gitmo to Gather Information

Military interrogators posing as “lawyers” are attempting to trick Guantanamo prisoners into providing them with information, “The Catholic Worker” (TCW) reports.


A Tribute to Rep. John Conyers and the Way Forward

Rep. John Conyers has probably done more than anyone in Congress to expose the depths of the constitutional crisis in our country and to fight to protect and restore civil rights and liberties. He is a champion of the broad people’s alliance to defeat the ultra-right.


Oil and the March to War

The US and fellow imperialist powers Britain, France and Germany are engaged in a far reaching and deadly serious campaign to carve up and take over the energy resources of the entire world.


National Housing Trust Fund Passes House Committee

The US House Financial Services Committee approved on July 31, 2007, HR 2895, the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act of 2007, with broad bipartisan support.


TIAA-CREF Says Coca-Cola not Socially Responsible

TIAA-CREF's $9 billion CREF Social Choice Account, the nation's largest socially-screened fund for individual investors, will not allow any investments in either The Coca-Cola Company or its two largest U.S. bottlers, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Bottling Co.


AHA Neglects Disabled Foreclosure Victim as Friday Eviction Looms

A sheriff came to let Tameka “Cookie” Brewer know that she and her daughter and their belongings need to be out of their home by this Friday, August 17, 2007.


Hinchey, Feingold Introduce Bills to Censure Bush, Cheney, Gonzales

As promised, US Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI) and US Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) have introduced matching censure resolutions this week in the Senate and House, respectively, concerning misconduct leading up to and during the US invasion of Iraq, as well as disregard for the rule of law.

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