Cost of War Sinks Presidential Credibility

Last week several thousand people in 160 cities and towns across the country, organized by, gathered to publicize a recently released report by the National Priorities Project on the cost of war.


'We Can't Wish it Away': Climate Change and the Human Prospect

The earth will find a new way to have a balance and nature will survive, but the question is what will be the impact on humanity? In other words, we are doing this to ourselves, and if we want to improve life for ourselves, we’d better change the way we operate.


Iraq, the Unavoidable Global Trauma

A report released by Oxfam and the NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq said that around 8 million Iraqis are in urgent need of water, sanitation, food and shelter, and said that more than 2 million people have been displaced within Iraq and have no reliable income, while another 2 million Iraqis have fled the country.


No Passage for Nuclear Deal

The Indo-US bilateral agreement on nuclear cooperation is in the eye of a political storm. The UPA government’s announcement of the conclusion of the agreement has led to a political crisis.


SPP: Summit for Powerful Profiteers

The media spotlight will shine on Montebello, Quebec, when George W. Bush, Stephen Harper, and Felipe Calderon meet Aug. 20-21 for the third annual summit of North American leaders.


Mexican Congress Denounces Violations by US Agencies

A plenum of the Permanent Commission of Mexico’s Congress today denounced the humiliations, abuse, violations of human rights and deaths of immigrants in U.S. border facilities.


Security and Prosperity Partnership Constitutes 'Grave Threat'

Workers, women, Aboriginal peoples, immigrants and people of color, and all those striving to defend democratic rights, oppose war and aggression, and preserve our environment – that is, the vast majority of the people in all our three countries – have a common interest in derailing this dangerous, pro-corporate plan.


We need your help with this year's fund drive

Every year around this time you get a note from us, requesting your support for our annual fund drive. For the past several years running because of your generosity, we have had successful drives. We are sure this year will be no exception. But we need your help to raise $40,000.

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