AHA Neglects Disabled Foreclosure Victim as Friday Eviction Looms

A sheriff came to let Tameka “Cookie” Brewer know that she and her daughter and their belongings need to be out of their home by this Friday, August 17, 2007.


Pesticide’s Victims Will Finally Come Before a U.S. Court

For the period of May, 2007, the USDA reported the total value of monthly agricultural imports to the U.S. amounted to $6.1 billion. Of that total value, 15 percent arrived here from Mexico, 15 percent from Canada, three percent from Chile and three percent from Brazil (USDA April 2007).


A Palestinian Miracle at the UN?

Since the foundation of the United Nations' Security Council, the Palestinians did not manage to have any kind of sway that would allow them to block or amend a proposed resolution in any meaningful way.


Respect Without Rights: The Privatization of Morality

Despite the violent reactions of the owners of the world, the humanist wave that radicalizes the recognition of fundamental equality among human beings will not stop. But the price paid in the last seven centuries has been very high.


Book Review: Perfect Spy, by Larry Berman

More than a secret agent, a reporter, a Communist, he was a friend to many people, a true internationalist and humanitarian. Historian Larry Beman's latest book, Perfect Spy, is a biography of Vietnam's greatest undercover operative, Pham Xuan An, multiply awarded as a hero of his country.


Tax Credits for Going Green

There has never been a better time than now to tap into a laundry list of tax rebates and other financial incentives designed to encourage individuals and businesses to go the greener mile.


Plan Pueblo-Panama seeks Massive Development on Backs of Poor

Plan Puebla-Panama (PPP), first proposed by Mexican President Vicente Fox and PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institutional) leaders in September 2000, was designed to construct a grandiose development zone in nine Mexican states and seven nations of Central America.


Small Biz Owners Praise Minimum Wage Hike

For Lew Prince, co-owner of the small business Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, the recent hike in the minimum wage makes economic sense. “It means more money in the hands of people who are going to spend it,” he said.



ON THESE hot, sticky days of the Israeli summer, it is pleasant to feel the coolness of Oslo, even if the visit is only virtual. Fourteen years after the signing of the Oslo agreement, it is again the subject of debate: was it a historical mistake?


South Asia's Devastating Floods: Act and Provide Relief to the People

Every year, this time, floods turn out to be the giant killer in India. According to the National Disaster Management Authority which puts out a weekly report, as of August 6, 2007, 1294 people have so far lost their lives during the current South West monsoon.

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