Israel and Palestine: Whose Acre?

THE ANCIENT port of Acre is now the object of a fierce battle. The Arab inhabitants of the town want the port to bear the name of an Arab hero, Issa al Awam, a general under Saladin, the Muslim leader who defeated the Crusaders. The municipality of Acre, which of course is dominated by the Jewish inhabitants, has decided to give the port the name of an Israeli functionary.

On Illegal Surveillance in Denmark

In June 1999 the Danish Parliament decided to form a commission to investigate if the Danish intelligence service had acted according to the law and to what the Danish government had stated publicly.


Lenin and Marxist Economics

All Lenin’s theoretical contributions to Marxist economics were meant as interventions in the struggle for correct revolutionary practice; they were not dissertations developing Marxist economics as such. The contributions are far-ranging, but are located within a common perspective that characterized Lenin, namely his view of the revolution as a concrete project.

Australians Reject 'US-style Health System'

The Rudd Labor government has embarked on a massive transformation of the health system in Australia that will turn Medicare on its head and firmly embed the private health insurers as managers of a US-style health system.


Honduras Crisis Update: Supporters of Deposed President Zelaya Urge Restoration

On June 28, the Honduran army overthrew the democratically elected government of left-wing president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya and bundled him onto an airplane into exile in Costa Rica. This action, in spite of being given a constitutional veneer, was not accepted by workers and poor farmers in Honduras, who constitute Zelaya's support base, or by the international community.


Cuba: Gardening its Way Out of Crisis

Sunlight brightens the paved streets and historic buildings of Havana, Cuba, bouncing off the tents of vendors and the tin drums of a street band. Once stricken by poverty and inequality, the city has slowly blossomed as a result of the bustling enterprise of urban agriculture.


Fox News: Still Unfair and Unbalanced

It probably comes as no surprise that conservative cable network Fox News opposes health reform. In addition to some of its major personalities promoting disruptions and even violence at congressional town hall meetings, the guests and commentators invited to appear on its programs seem to overwhelmingly oppose health reform as well.

Lonesome Hobo Economics: The 'Recovery Cocktail'?

The job news is confusing. Headlines are announcing 'stabilization,' 'unemployment rate falls,' 'recession is over this month.' But step into your neighborhood bar – or coffee shop if you're on the wagon – and a truer picture emerges, even if its under the influence of alcohol or caffeine. People there agree – there's 'way too much blood in the system.'

Havana: Cuban and American Actors Stage Shakespeare Play

A group of Cuban and American theater actors will premiere 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream,' by William Shakespeare, on Friday night at the Bertolt Brecht cultural complex in Havana.


Global Trade in a Time of Crisis

With the world well into the second year of a recession whose intensity is unprecedented in the period since the Second World War, two questions are receiving considerable attention.

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