Benefits of Green Roofs

Indeed there are many good reasons to build a rooftop garden, or a so-called “green roof”—whereby layers of soil and plants on top of homes and buildings provide a host of environmental “services” for the living space below as well as for the surrounding ecosystem.


Madoff Trustee Creates 'Class War'

Even if court-appointed trustee Irving Picard should recover the $13.7 billion for which he is suing associates of jailed fraudster Bernard Madoff, the money may never get into the pockets of victimized small investors, a law school dean points out. Rallies for Health Care at US Sen. Isakson's Office

About 40 Metro Atlanta activists with rallied in favor of a public healthcare option at US Sen. Johnny Isakson's (R-GA) office on Tuesday, July 28, 2009.


Where is the Immigration Reform Struggle Going?

President Obama announced this week that he thinks that immigration reform legislation can be done early next year, 2010. This represents a postponement from the original idea of getting it done this coming fall.


As the Crisis Grows Deeper, the Wealth Gap Gets Wider

One of capitalism’s unquestionable rules is that, in times of crisis, it’s the poor who suffer the effects of each major budget cut. So even if crises spare no one, the gap gets wider rather than narrower.


Government Protections Reduce Oil Spills

In the wake of 1989’s massive Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, when 11 million gallons of oil befouled some 1,300 miles of formerly pristine and wildlife-rich coastline, much has been done to prevent future spills of such magnitude.


Non-discrimination Bill Gets Bipartisan Boost in the Senate

Civil rights and labor organizations this week praised the introduction of the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) by a bipartisan group of Senators.

Many PTSD Afflicted Vets Go Untreated, Says VA Doctor

Veterans returning from the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are displaying many of the same post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms of troops that fought in Viet Nam, yet most do not seek treatment.


StratCom: The Next Generation in War-Fighting

The consolidation of eight military missions in U.S. Strategic Command (nuclear deterrence; space; cyberspace; full-spectrum global strike; missile defense; intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance; information operations; and combating weapons of mass destruction) constitutes more than a simple expansion of StratCom’s power and reach.


Light at the End of the Unemployment Line? (Aug 6th)

Put simply, the President's economic policy works. The bad news is that the necessary politics that made the economic package smaller than it needed to be, i.e. compromise with Republicans, has meant that while it has generated new economic activity and may indeed turn GDP statistics around more quickly than the doomsayers predicted and Republicans hoped, so far the jobs picture remains the 'lagging economic indicator.'

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