Cash for Clunkers Program Works

After a wildly successful start, the federal government's 'cash for clunkers' program appears to be on track for renewal this week. An upcoming Senate vote is expected to inject $2 billion more into the program, which sources say has already helped to sell some 180,000 new cars since its implementation late last month.

Health Reform Opponents Circulate Smear E-mail

An unidentified person (or persons), who sources say is linked to the Republican Party affiliated and insurance lobby funded Conservatives for Patients Rights, has circulated an e-mail containing a number of erroneous and misleading claims about the health reform bills in Congress.

Peace Coalition Presses for Nuke Abolition

United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ) -- to mark the 64th anniversary of the August 6th and 9th U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- has declared August 2009 'Nuclear-Free Future Month' to challenge the growing global threats posed by nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

Atlanta: Racial Profiling Claimed, Despite 287(g) Changes

About 200 citizens gathered at Our Lady of the Americas Catholic Mission in Gwinnett County Saturday, August 01, 2009, to share and discuss racial profiling issues and local enforcement of federal civil immigration laws.


Pics: Home Defenders Arrested

Home Defender activists sit in on the steps of the home of Tosha Alberty, her husband, four children and two grandchildren, who were evicted after First Franklin Mortgage Services, owned by Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, foreclosed on the home.


Coal Power Facing Roadblocks

As more and more states are turning against coal power facilities in the U.S., advocates have been using the legal system to halt new pending plants.


Tips for Greening Your Home

According to consumer advocate Remar Sutton, there are many ways to save energy and other resources around the home without spending a lot of money. And taking action sooner rather than later will lead to ongoing savings on utility bills, so a little cash outlay now will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Raul Castro: I Wasn't Elected to Restore Capitalism in Cuba

'I wasn’t elected as President to restore capitalism in Cuba or to surrender the Revolution. I was elected to defend, maintain and continue perfecting socialism, not to destroy it,' affirmed Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday.

Healthcare: If Blue Dogs Run Free

A public plan could more easily control overall savings and level of quality. It is true that in some rural areas – not an accident that all of the blue-dogs are from rural states – coops function well and certainly at no worse cost than the Canadian National Health Service does in its remote rural areas.

Four Years Post-Katrina, Levee Protection Still Elusive, Part 2

Today, the population of New Orleans is still about 175,000 people fewer than it was before Hurricane Katrina hit four years ago next month. Along with concerns about jobs and housing costs, the city's vulnerability to flooding has weighed heavily on the minds of many evacuees, many of whom have not returned.

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