Capitalism Threatens Workers' Health

Unemployment increase your chance of early death. And US workers are demanding their rights as workers be recognized as human rights.

Recruiters Lie, People Die

Military recruiters lie to their prospects, and Rumsfeld says stop complaining about the dangers of war.

Key Facts About the US Blockade of Cuba

Bush administration works harder to enforce the blockade of Cuba than it does to to track real terrorists.

Bush policies threaten miners’ health

Bush's anti-worker policies have put the health and safety of miners at risk.

Bush’s theocratic mythocracy

Bush, who has imposed an anachronistic theocratic absolutism in the United States, should not forget Lord Acton’s phrase: 'absolute power absolutely corrupts.'

Vote for Fahrenheit 9/11

Vote online for Fahrenheit 9/11 for Favorite Film for the People's Choice Awards.

Still in It to Win It

US history of the labor movement and democratic struggles provide some answers for the 'what to do now' questions we all have since November 2.

Labor united against the Bush agenda

Unity and maximizing the strength of labor must be front and center. Debate that leads to splits or structural divisions in the labor movement will only get us killed.

The White Elephant in the Room: Race and Election 2004

Analysis of polls show that evangelical Christians had no new impact on the election nor did so-called moral values. Racism, as is argued here, played a deciive role in the outcome.

Iraqi Trade Unions Fight for Unity and Organization

Since its formation in the wake of the Ba'athist regime's collapse, the IFTU has been fighting to unite Iraq's workers and get rid of the legacy of collaborationist 'yellow unions.'

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