HIV/AIDS Pandemic Must Be Priority

Working families of the union movement are deeply disturbed by the horrors of the HIV / AIDS pandemic, and believe that addressing this crisis must be an immediate priority for our nation.

Iron Workers win at J.D. Steel

Despite huge obstacles to organizing unions, the Iron Workers union won a recent victory by showing a commitment to helping immigrant workers win justice on the job.

Wal-Mart Wins Grinch of the Year

For low wages, poor labor conditions, and for systematically shifting large parts of their costs and expenses to local taxpayers, Wal-Mart wins the Grinch of the Year for 2004.

Labor in the News

Hotel workers, nurses, and Lucent Technologies workers all fight for better wages, benefits, and union contracts. Unions are needed to stem the tide of falling wages, as a recent analysis of wgaes shows.

Economic Summit Is Cover for Destroying Social Security

Bush's all out public relations effort to dismantle Social Security is fooling no one. Also, check out other worker news.

The Buck Doesn't Have To Stop Here

America's lowest paid workers obviously need a raise. So why are Bush and the Republicans do everything to block one?


The Shame of Child Labor

Child labor is a source of big profits for multinational corporations because they have absolute control over a defenseless population.

Protections needed for workers who unionize

Employers often threaten or try to intimidate workers who organize unions to protect their rights in the workplace.

Capitalism Threatens Workers' Health

Unemployment increase your chance of early death. And US workers are demanding their rights as workers be recognized as human rights.

Bush policies threaten miners’ health

Bush's anti-worker policies have put the health and safety of miners at risk.

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