The Real 'People of the Year'

While Time magazine sucks up to the Bush administration with its 'person of the year' award, there are other people more deserving of national recognition.

Bush second time around

The re-election of George Bush as president of the United States is a serious setback for the spirit of American democracy.

Spreading Democracy: The World's Most Dangerous Ideas

The claim of 'spreading democracy' seems to be a cover for aggression and domination.

Bush’s theocratic mythocracy

Bush, who has imposed an anachronistic theocratic absolutism in the United States, should not forget Lord Acton’s phrase: 'absolute power absolutely corrupts.'

Still in It to Win It

US history of the labor movement and democratic struggles provide some answers for the 'what to do now' questions we all have since November 2.

The White Elephant in the Room: Race and Election 2004

Analysis of polls show that evangelical Christians had no new impact on the election nor did so-called moral values. Racism, as is argued here, played a deciive role in the outcome.

Bush Administration is an Apologist for Fraud

From Ohio to Ukraine to Pakistan election fraud is rampant in today's 'democratic' world. Here Bush's hypocrisy is exposed.

Who John Stott Is

Right-wing columnist David Brooks thinks Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are bozos, but he likes Anglican evangelical homophobic bigot Jon Stott? Who is he?

Bush's Far-right Agenda

George W Bush has been re-elected president of the United States, and he has increased his margin of support in both houses of the Congress. What happens now – in the United States, in the world? We have to start any analysis with an appraisal of Bush. Bush is by far the most right-wing president the US has had since the Great Depression.

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