The Grinch in the White House

George W. Bush makes the Grinch look like a saint. After all Dr. Seuss' Grinch stole only one day, while the Grinch who lives in the White House is planning to steal the very lives of millions of children around the world.

U.S.: Congress Tries to Undermine War Crimes Court

A recent speniding bill pushed by Bush and the Republicans threatens to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to countries that have joined the International Criminal Court but do not sign bilateral immunity agreements with the US.

Continuing Crisis In the Sudan

Another ceasefire breaks down in Darfur, Sudan, thretening a reignition of the violence. Also, China and Venezuela meet, and what are the consequences of the falling dollar on US workers.

5,000 Cuban Students Protest Anti-Cuba Policies

5,000 students, mostly from university, and youth participating in the Revolution's programs condemned US policy against the island.

Venezuela: Chávez And The Bolivarian Revolution

Hundreds of international intellectuals travel to Venezuela to express their support for the social progress underway in that country.

Putin Making the Trains Run on Time?

New Times writer Nicholas Kristof recently imagined a fascist Russia would be better than the old Soviet Union. Here, he is taken to task for this dangerously naive notion.

Castro and Chávez promote Bolivarian alternative for the Americas

Castro and Chávez announce an alternative to the Bush NAFTA on steroids FTAA proposal.

Two 'Palestinian States' a La Sharon

Sharon's disengagement plan is a mask for dividing Palestine into two 'closed areas' cut off from each other: Gaza and the West Bank.

Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Gains Support from International Labor

We would like to summarize the gains that the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke has made working with the labor movement on the national and the international labor fronts.

20 Years After the Bhopal Gas Disaster

It is twenty years since one of the worst industrial accidents in history occurred in Bhopal. In the middle of the night of December 2, 1984, the whole city was transformed into a gas chamber.

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