Japanese Communists Reject US War

In the Japan-U.S. summit talks (Nov. 20) and defense chief talks (Nov. 19), the Japanese government expressed readiness to actively cooperate in the U.S. Bush administration's global military posture review.

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Regime change, torture and murder

Bush's recent trip to South America provides a valuable foreign-policy lesson for Americans. The President was greeted in Santiago, Chile, by some 30,000 angry demonstrators. But it was not only Bush's invasion and war of aggression against Iraq that Chileans were angry about.

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When double bubbles collide

What happens when two bubbles collide? Do they both burst, or do they coalesce and become an even bigger bubble - which will eventually burst even more spectacularly? That is the question posed by the growth figures from both the US and China, whose growth rates are tied in ways that neither seems to want to admit too loudly.

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