The Baghdad Tapestry

Bush's claims about WMD in Iraq and its fictitious links to 9-11 fell through, so he had to re-invent the reasons for going to war.

Bush's Militarism Inspires Anti-war sentiment Among Students and Trade Unionists

A Cuban delegation visited the people of Guwahati in northeastern India, and spoke to an audience of students and union members about US imperialism and war.

Guantánamo's Torture Chambers

There are torture chambers in Cuba, but they belong to the Bush administration.

Non-Reportage Of Mass Murder

The latest updated UNICEF report (December 2004) reveals massive under-5 infant mortality in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan totalling over 0.4 million for the year 2003.

A War We Didn't Have to Fight

Having misused our military might against a small Muslim country, without sea power and unable to defend its own airspace, we are no longer respected by the world community.

White House May Have Issued Torture Order

Released FBI records indicate that Bush may have ordered torture used during interrogation of detainees and prisoners of the 'war on terrorism.'

The civilians we killed

A war for oil, full of atrocity is difficult to escape, notes this Iraq war veteran.

Iraq: A Bitter Lesson

Democracy cannot be imposed by military force. But, then again, democracy isn't what Bush's war on Iraq is all about, is it?

One Year After Saddam's Capture

This editorial ponders the claims of th eBush administration about the success of the Iraq war one year after capturing Saddma Hussein. Who's better off?

New Course in Iraq

This article argues for troop withdrawal and announcing by US authorities that it has no intention to mantain an Iraqi government as immediate steps to ending the war.

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