What Lincoln Really Said

Alaska Congressman Don Young just attempted on the floor of the House to quote Abraham Lincoln's opinion on opposition to presidents' war plans.  Young failed rather dramatically.


Hardware King Bush Hits Iran For Peddling Arms

Even if he's not lying this time, President Bush's outrage over Iran's Quds Force supplying armor-piercing weapons to Iraq's 'insurgents' rings hollow coming from the world's Number One Merchant of Death.


Exxon, Bush fiddle while planet burns

Top scientists from 113 countries issued a landmark report Feb. 2 declaring for the first time that global warming caused by human activity is undeniable, and forecasting potentially disastrous results if present trends continue unchecked.


Iraq: Armed groups occupy hospitals and kidnap doctors

Iraqi troops, US-led coalition forces and insurgents are all guilty of breaking Geneva conventions that govern the neutrality of hospitals, say health specialists.


Somalia: Mogadishu residents back to living in constant danger

Maryan Aliyow Isse had hoped the security situation in Mogadishu would stabilise after the Ethiopian-backed transitional government took control of the Somali capital in December.


Climate Change: Bush government censoring scientists

THE U.S. government has been resorting to reprehensible methods to deceive citizens about a subject that involves humanity as a whole: climate changes that are leading to increased global warming.


Atlanta SOA Protester Gets 100 Days in Federal Prison

An Atlanta activist received a sentence of 100 days in a federal prison on January 29, 2007, after being arrested and charged with a Class B misdemeanor November 19, 2006, at a protest at the School of the Americas (SOA).


Sudan: Military solution 'not an option' in Darfur

A military solution is not an option in ending the crisis in Darfur, according to United Nations and African Union officials. Instead, the parties to the Darfur conflict must agree to a peace process.

Americans Against Escalation in Iraq

New York Leaders, veterans and area citizens held an urgent press conference today to launch a new statewide campaign opposing President’s Bush’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq. 


The Mecca Agreement: What Should We Expect?

The Mecca agreement, signed between rival Palestinian groups, Hamas and Fatah on February 8, under the auspices of the Saudi leadership, was welcomed by thousands of cheering Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories, and seen as the closing of a chapter of a bloody and tumultuous period of their history.

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