Time for a New Civil Rights Revolution

'It's time for a new offensive for civil rights,' said Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA, at a meeting of area activists in honor of African American History Month last Sunday.


School of Americas Closure Bill Gains Momentum

From February 18 to February 20, 2007, hundreds of SOAW activists from around the country gathered to conduct strategy meetings, hold a rally, and visit the Offices of Members of US Congress.


US Blind to Posada Crimes; Immigration Reform Back on the Table

Lawyer Jose Pertierra, representing Venezuela in the extradition process to terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, said the US is still ignorant of his criminal actions and is only trying him for migratory crimes.


White House Censors Global Warming Science

Bush administration officials are censoring top scientists on global warming. This is part of an effort to deceive the public about its effects and to block policies aimed at controlling it.


What Lincoln Really Said

Alaska Congressman Don Young just attempted on the floor of the House to quote Abraham Lincoln's opinion on opposition to presidents' war plans.  Young failed rather dramatically.


Exxon, Bush fiddle while planet burns

Top scientists from 113 countries issued a landmark report Feb. 2 declaring for the first time that global warming caused by human activity is undeniable, and forecasting potentially disastrous results if present trends continue unchecked.


Atlanta SOA Protester Gets 100 Days in Federal Prison

An Atlanta activist received a sentence of 100 days in a federal prison on January 29, 2007, after being arrested and charged with a Class B misdemeanor November 19, 2006, at a protest at the School of the Americas (SOA).


Wear Your Opposition On Your Sleeve

Monday, March 19, 2007 will be the 4th Anniversary of the United States’ immoral and illegal invasion of Iraq, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) is asking for its members and member groups to collectively display youth and student solidarity against the war and the priorities of this country by wearing a “Books Not Bombs” button, t-shirt or armband.


Ford Didn't Always have a better idea: One last look at the Enabler-in-Chief

From the beginning Ford seemed to be a simple man, primarily a loyalist, especially when it came to his friends. This man’s most famous words were “our long national nightmare is over,” what he didn’t seem to realize was pardoning a soon-to-be-convicted criminal.


Lt. Watada Mistrial is a Clear Victory

In a complex and confusing turn of events, Army lead prosecutor Captain Scott Van Sweringen reluctantly requested, and was granted a mistrial in the case of First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada, the first military officer to publicly refuse to fight in Iraq.

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