US Blind to Posada Crimes; Immigration Reform Back on the Table


2-23-07, 8:58 am

US Blind to Posada Crimes

Havana, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Lawyer Jose Pertierra, representing Venezuela in the extradition process to terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, said the US is still ignorant of his criminal actions and is only trying him for migratory crimes.

'The United States, through legal technical terms, has maintained Posada imprisoned without being certified as terrorist,' Pertierra told Cubadebate website.

The accused arrived in United States in March 2005, claiming to have come by car over the Mexican border, but authorities say he did it through Miami, on the Santrina boat and supported by other terrorists, as Cuban President Fidel Castro denounced at that time.

US Judge Philip Martinez, who did not explain reasons for his verdict, stated on Wednesday that the habeas corpus petition presented by Posada Carriles at the federal court from El Paso, Texas, is inappropriate.

This means that the internationally infamous terrorist is at this moment imprisoned with penal charges of immigration fraud, noted Pertierra.

This decision postpones the need to declare him as terrorist until the penal court pronounces against him, emphasized the lawyer.

Posada is the mastermind of the explosion in mid air of Cuban airplane in 1976, and was involved in a series of bomb attacks on Havana hotels in 1997 and 1998, which killed an Italian tourist.

The case of Posada Carriles, who has seven charges for immigration fraud and false testimony during the naturalization process, is slated for May 11, 2007 in El Paso, Texas.

US Ready for Immigration Reform

Washington, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Important US cities announced preparation of large marches in favor of broad immigration reform that would take into consideration the situation of 12 million undocumented residents living in the country.

Los Angeles, California and Chicago announced their readiness to reform the laws of the nation.

According to Jose Gutierrez of the USA Latin Movement, the march prepared for April 7 will be huge and include representatives that support the community.

According to organizers they want an integral immigration reform and oppose the high costs of citizenship papers and other immigration arrangements.

In the meantime, in Chicago, the March 10 Movement announced marches demanded a stop to deportations and an integral immigration reform.

Spokes persons of the organizers indicated their movement has 'inspired millions of persons throughout the United States and defeated the worst parts of the anti-immigrant law that was debated in Congress.'

A declaration of the March 10 Movement indicated that 'the government has unleashed a war against immigrants' and a necessary approach to the problem has been achieved where immigrants are treated like criminals, harassed, arrested and deported.

The group calls for a broad solution to legalize undocumented people, allowing them to have driving licenses and correct Social Security numbers so they can work and contribute to the US economy.

From Prensa Latina