India: 1857 – An Overiew of Events

What we know as the largest anti-colonial uprising anywhere in the world in the 19th century, and the only widespread armed revolution in the sub-continent’s history, encompassed a series of actions that began with a Mutiny of soldiers in Dumdum, West Bengal, in January 1857, and continued into 1859, spreading across north, north-western and central provinces.


Army Drops Reporter Subpoena, then Invasion Objector Wins Mistrial

The US military has dropped the controversial subpoenas of two journalists, independent journalist Sarah Olson, who interviewed Lt. Ehren Watada for Truthout.org, and Gregg Kakesako of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, after Watada signed a stipulation agreement with the military.


Ethiopia-Somalia: Asylum-seekers living rough

An estimated 50,000 asylum-seekers from Somalia have entered neighbouring Ethiopia in the past eight months, according to preliminary findings of an assessment team from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


Global Warming and Hurricanes

Scientists can’t blame individual storms or droughts on climate change, but many believe that human-induced global warming is increasing the severity and frequency of such weather “anomalies.”


Truth Exposed by Senate Armed Services Hearing

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing today at which the Inspector General of the Pentagon, Thomas Gimble, testified that – and I'm loosely paraphrasing – the Iraq War was launched on a pack of lies.


Feith Based Intelligence

On Newsweek's website you can flip through a short PDF slideshow of a presentation produced by the Pentagon in 2002. The presentation purports to show that Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were working together and had been for years.


Countdown for Iran: When Commonsense is Nonsense 

The relationship between Iran and the United States is one of peculiar temperament: intense but accommodating at times, barefaced and seemingly self-destructive at others. 


Congress and Class Struggle

The communist idea requires its adherents to analyze, understand and participate in class struggle as it is, not as they wish it could be. This is the spirit of thought and practice that should frame our understanding of the current battles between Congress and the Bush administration.


Olmert Leads Israel into a Five-Front War

Ehud Olmert is leading Israel to the dizzying heights of superpower status and superpower strategy. With one hand tied behind his back (we are referring, of course, to his need to devote his thoughts and energy to repelling the criminal indictments coming his way), Olmert has done, with his “free hand” almost the impossible.


Sudan: Violence continues to limit Darfur aid operations

Humanitarian operations in the western Sudanese region of Darfur have resumed in some areas but security concerns are still restricting activities in others, the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) said.

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