Beyond Equality: Class, Gender and Race Today

It is my contention that the perpetuation of non-class divisions based on race and sex is the key mechanism sustaining capitalist relations of production, and therefore the key mechanism for upholding class society.


Mass Media and the Commercializing of Black History Month

February as Black History month has now become part of national consciousness, which in itself is a great leap forward from the days when African American history was taught usually as one course in a small number of universities with few African American students, in contrast with historically Black colleges and universities.


George C. Springer's Beginnings in Panama: Black-Labor Alliance

George Springer came to the United States as an immigrant from Panama. He came here to attend college in New Britain, Connecticut. In 1951 he wrote an insightful paper about the labor and anti-racist equality struggles of the Panamanian working class.


The Struggle for African American Freedom Continues

The fight against racism is even more urgent today. There is nothing more important on the agenda of the progressive forces worldwide than the fight to end the scourge of racism from our planet. By racism I’m not just talking about a set of bad ideas and beliefs.


The Role of the National Negro Labor Council in the Struggle for Civil Rights

By 1951, 23 NLC chapters were established in major cities across the country. The NLC launched a national campaign to have a 'model FEPC clause' inserted into union contracts. The FEPC clause took its name from the Fair Employment Practices Committee established during the Roosevelt presidency.


Martin Luther King, the Demented Woman, and you

When I was very young I remember my mother taking me downtown to with her so she could do her shopping. Of course that was back in the days when Buffalo had a real downtown, there were no vacant buildings, all the shops and department stores were open.


A Hundred Years of the Struggle for Freedom

Any attempt to write on African American freedom in the United States involves curious contradictions. One could scarcely imagine greater social change than between the years 1853 and 1953.


Claudia Jones, a Life in the Struggle

Claudia Jones was born Claudia Cumberbatch in 1915 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, a British colony. Though her family was well off, economic crisis after World War I forced the family to migrate to the Harlem section of New York City in 1922 to seek work. Jones' mother, Sybil, worked in the garment industry to support the family, but died in 1927.

Black Liberation and Working Class Unity

Essentially, the Black liberation movement in the United States is constituted to secure and safeguard the rights of a people to be free from all oppression. To be effective, it must amass power equal to its task.


Civil rights groups launch 2007 agenda

Civil rights groups see a chance to make important gains during the next two years with the new dynamics in Congress. In a letter earlier this month to members of the House and Senate, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights outlined 16 key issues that the 200-member civil and human rights coalition plans to win.