Wear Your Opposition On Your Sleeve


2-14-07, 9:02 am

Get Your Congressperson To Show Their Opposition On Their Sleeve and On The Floor  
Monday, March 19, 2007 will be the 4th Anniversary of the United States’ immoral and illegal invasion of Iraq, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) is asking for its members and member groups to collectively display youth and student solidarity against the war and the priorities of this country by wearing a “Books Not Bombs” button, t-shirt or armband.   We are calling for young people across the country to declare their grievances against this war.   The vast majority of young people believe that this war must end and public opinion increases each day against it. But while we believe in ending the war NOW Bush is doing the opposite by escalating troop levels and the war into an even longer disaster. By wearing a button – young people can translate that sentiment into a powerful public statement demanding that this war must end now and engaging our peers to take action with us. A button won’t stop the war, but it is a constant display of where we stand.   On this anniversary of 4 long and devastating years of violence in Iraq, we want to make the message loud and clear that we are against the war and we will not be ignored any longer; plan actions displaying your resistance to your peers and your communities to show that it is no longer acceptable to ignore the war or its effects in your community. This means wearing your button to class, it means unfurling antiwar banners or painting your faces/chests with ‘no more war’ at the basketball game, have a rally, anything to highlight this anniversary and make sure we don’t face a 5th one.   We’ll also be sending buttons to every single member of Congress. We don’t want them to just wear the buttons, we want them to act, so we’re calling on you and your friends to also contact your members of Congress before March 19th to ask them if them if they will be wearing our button and what are they doing to fund education and stop war.   Asking your members to wear the Books Not Bombs button is a powerful statement to Congress that they must listen to young people in this country and prioritize the needs of youth and students over war and profit.   Once they’re wearing the buttons we then push them to act to support books, not bombs. On March 19th, organize call-ins to legislators outside your student union to ask if they’re wearing the button, then ask them what they’re doing to end the war; pass out buttons to those who make a call. Members of Congress have the power to stop the war, so we must make them act and carry out the peace mandate from the Nov. 2006 elections.   We need every young person in this country to wear a button, call up their congressperson and ask them to wear the button on March 19, 2007, and then act to end the war.   This country does not have a money problem, it has a priorities problem. What will the new Congress do to reverse this?   For more information on the Books Not Bombs Button Day Campaign, how to get buttons, and on how to reach your congressperson please visit: .