On Humiliation, and Gaza’s Dying Children

A six-year-old Palestinian girl from Gaza was killed by Israeli fire on 12 June. 'Medics say the girl was decapitated by a [tank] shell,' Associated Press (AP) reported the next day. The Israeli military said the soldiers opened fire in retaliation against 'militants launching rockets into Israel.'

Ceasefire begins in Gaza after one year of blockade

After one year of a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip, the residents of the beleaguered enclave have some reason for optimism, after a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel went into effect on 19 June at 6am local time.

“We Could not Even Bury our Daughter”

On June 11, eight year old Hadeel Al-Sumairi was killed when her home in south eastern Gaza was shelled by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Less than a week earlier, eight year old Aya Hamdan Al-Najjar was killed by a rocket fired from an IOF helicopter.

Oil: Dig Up Your Own

It is customary to run into brazenly racist commentary coming out of the U.S. liberals and right-wingers alike, especially when it comes to the question of oil.

Human Rights Groups Petition Israeli Court to Halt Settlement

Five Palestinian landowners and human rights organizations Yesh Din and B'Tselem claim in first petition of its kind: Ofra is an illegal outpost built mostly on private land.

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv against killings in Gaza and Sderot

Hundreds of people Saturday, June 7 along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard to Meir Garden to protest the 41st year of the Israeli occupation and the incessant rocket attacks on the country's southern region.

Israeli Activists Move to help Palestinians Regain Land

A group of Israeli human rights activists has begun a project to help Palestinians in the West Bank, who have in the past had land taken away by settlers, regain what they say are their property rights.

Heaven Help Us From Military Logic

The generals, who form the hegemonic political-military think-tank in Israel’s perpetual state of emergency, are in the media, explaining that Israel as a matter of national survival must teach our enemies a lesson that they never will forget. Deterrence will thereby be restored.

Occupation is a 'Millstone' Around Israel's Neck, Report Says

The occupation of the Palestinian territories is exacting a high price from Israel, a local think-tank said. 'The prolonged conflict with the Palestinians is a millstone around Israel's neck,' Adva, a social justice NGO, said in a 4 June report, The cost of the occupation.

To Utopia and Back

Prof. Gilbert Achcar of the School of Oriental and Asian Studies in London has made a unique contribution to the ongoing “one-state or two-states” debate in a recent wide ranging interview to Mesele, a progressive periodical in Turkey.

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