Critics Continue to Slam Bush-McCain Offshore Drilling Scheme

The Bush-McCain offshore oil drilling proposal is taking more hits. This time from Republicans. According to the Miami Herald, Republican Florida state legislator Marc Rubio described the Bush-McCain claim that new offshore drilling would lower gas prices as 'disingenuous.'

Venezuela Launches New Social Program for Poor Children

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced the creation of a new social program, known as a “mission,” which will provide treatment and rehabilitation to children in situations of drug and alcohol addiction, abandonment, exclusion, or vulnerability.

Workers take the risks the banks take the profits

As anxious banks sack staff and brace themselves for the next crash, the question being asked in the financial columns of the media is: who will be next? No doubt a very important question for the banks.

Governors Hammer McCain on Offshore Drilling 'Flip-Flop'

The George W. Bush-John McCain plan to lift the ban on offshore drilling will not lower the price of gas or put gas in your car, but it will help Big Oil. This was the consensus of three current and former East Coast governors, who announced their opposition to John McCain's proposed energy policy June 18 on a teleconference with reporters.

Getting out of the Food Crisis

While there has been widespread reporting of the riots that have broken out around the world as a result of the global food crisis, little attention has been paid to the way forward.

Is the Present Crisis Ricardian?

David Ricardo, the outstanding predecessor of Marx, had visualized the process of capital accumulation getting constrained by the non-availability of adequate supplies of land.

Has capitalism reached its limits?

In the wake of the widespread U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis, speculative funds began to flow into the oil and grains markets, pushing up their prices. The trend is so powerful that it is very difficult to keep these moves under control. Observing this situation, some economic analysts are saying, “Capitalism is reaching its limits.”

'Political Will Required to Provide Relief to People'

One of the reasons behind the global upsurge in food prices was the diversion of land from foodgrain cultivation to biofuel production, which has been facilitated by high subsidies in countries like the US.

Women Voters Boost Obama in the Polls

The idea that John McCain will pick up women voters who backed Clinton is 'mythology' and a 'pipe dream,' said Ellen Malcolm, president of Emily's List, a women voter's organization that had strongly endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Jobs Disappearing – Bush-McCain in Denial

15 million. That, according to data complied by the Department of Labor, is the approximate number of full-time jobs needed to put unemployed, underemployed, and discouraged workers back to work in the U.S.

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