“We Could not Even Bury our Daughter”

On June 11, eight year old Hadeel Al-Sumairi was killed when her home in south eastern Gaza was shelled by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Less than a week earlier, eight year old Aya Hamdan Al-Najjar was killed by a rocket fired from an IOF helicopter.

The Dangers of Yucca Mountain

Plans to store the majority of our nation’s spent nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive waste at a central repository underneath Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert 80 miles from Las Vegas were first hatched in the mid-1980s.

Oil: Dig Up Your Own

It is customary to run into brazenly racist commentary coming out of the U.S. liberals and right-wingers alike, especially when it comes to the question of oil.


Book Review: The Appeal, by John Grisham

John Grisham's latest thriller, The Appeal, is chilling. Corporate polluters attempt to buy a seat on Mississippi's State Supreme Court in order to overturn a jury verdict that has awarded victims of the company's negligent actions millions of dollars.

China and Russia in a Changing World

The new Russian President Medvedev traveled to China on his first visit abroad. Beyond the new announced cooperation agreements, which confirm the forward momentum of the commercial relations between China and Russia, the two countries also signed a joint statement on some important international issues.

Philanthropic imperialism

The US is becoming more and more restless with the liberating winds that blow in Latin America. That was the reason the Pentagon decided to reactivate the Fourth Fleet and detach it to the Caribbean and the South American seas.

Human Rights Groups Petition Israeli Court to Halt Settlement

Five Palestinian landowners and human rights organizations Yesh Din and B'Tselem claim in first petition of its kind: Ofra is an illegal outpost built mostly on private land.

Ireland Votes No on Lisbon Treaty

Despite the all the resources and political bullying and blackmail from both the the Irish and the EU establishments and a hostile mass media they overcame all of them and secured a victory for national democracy not just for Ireland but for all the peoples of EU.

Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

The not so jolly green giant is back to battering the US military machine, which is still seeking to discover the secret that they believe will help them to produce an army of such mutant monstrosities.

Red Writer Launches Web Site

Well, we set it up because I have finished two books. I have a book on Alice Neal that maybe you saw some reference to, and I just finished a novel that I started out for my grandson, years ago, and I finally completed it – it’s called Iron Mountain.

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