The Elephant and The Ant

It would seem there's no topic worthy of addressing that would not bore our patient readers, after the “Round Table” program of June 12, which dealt with the new edition of a book published in Bolivia 15 years ago, featuring now a prologue I wrote.

Vietnam, UK seek cooperation in climate change

Vietnam and the UK have discussed ways to promote bilateral cooperation in coping with climate change and controlling environmental pollution during a week-long visit by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) Pham Khoi Nguyen.

After, Irish NO Vote, Greek Communists Demand Referendum on Lisbon Treaty

The NO vote of the Irish people proves that the arguments about the so-called 'Irish model' and 'the most favored country' concerned the interests of the bourgeois and not the people.

Scottish Trades Union Congress welcomes British Communist report

The Scottish TUC welcomed a new economic report by the Communist Party of Britain Scottish committee on Friday as an important contribution to the debate on enhancing democratic control of the economy.

Close the Mis-named National Endowment for Democracy

Haven’t heard of the National Endowment for Democracy? Not many people have. Yet the NED is taxpayer funded and carries out foreign policy with no meaningful public oversight or transparency. In fact, it does more to undermine democracy than not.

Japan: Prime Minister Fukuda's CO2 proposal is thin and cunning

In his new climate change initiative dubbed the 'Fukuda Vision' announced on June 9, Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo failed to declare Japan’s mid-term target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Venezuela Launches New Social Program for Poor Children

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced the creation of a new social program, known as a “mission,” which will provide treatment and rehabilitation to children in situations of drug and alcohol addiction, abandonment, exclusion, or vulnerability.

Workers take the risks the banks take the profits

As anxious banks sack staff and brace themselves for the next crash, the question being asked in the financial columns of the media is: who will be next? No doubt a very important question for the banks.

Cuba: World Food Crisis Unjustifiable

Cuba reasserted here Tuesday that the international food crisis, caused by the inequality of the global economic order, is unjustifiable in a world that is capable of satisfying human food needs.

Getting out of the Food Crisis

While there has been widespread reporting of the riots that have broken out around the world as a result of the global food crisis, little attention has been paid to the way forward.

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