Former Carter Appointee Warns Against Nuclear Power, Coal, Foreign Oil

Several dozen people arrived at The Carter Center Wednesday night, June 11, 2008, to listen to award-winning energy expert and environmentalist S. David Freeman, whose new book sheds light on America’s deadly addiction to 'three poisons': foreign oil, coal, and nuclear power.

Vietnam, UK seek cooperation in climate change

Vietnam and the UK have discussed ways to promote bilateral cooperation in coping with climate change and controlling environmental pollution during a week-long visit by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) Pham Khoi Nguyen.

Critics Continue to Slam Bush-McCain Offshore Drilling Scheme

The Bush-McCain offshore oil drilling proposal is taking more hits. This time from Republicans. According to the Miami Herald, Republican Florida state legislator Marc Rubio described the Bush-McCain claim that new offshore drilling would lower gas prices as 'disingenuous.'

Venezuela Launches New Social Program for Poor Children

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced the creation of a new social program, known as a “mission,” which will provide treatment and rehabilitation to children in situations of drug and alcohol addiction, abandonment, exclusion, or vulnerability.

Governors Hammer McCain on Offshore Drilling 'Flip-Flop'

The George W. Bush-John McCain plan to lift the ban on offshore drilling will not lower the price of gas or put gas in your car, but it will help Big Oil. This was the consensus of three current and former East Coast governors, who announced their opposition to John McCain's proposed energy policy June 18 on a teleconference with reporters.

John McCain's Energy Policy: Same Song, Second Verse

Drill. Drill. Drill. That's John McCain's solution to the U.S. (and global) energy crisis. While most of the world, including most Americans, want alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, John McCain wants to mire us in the sludge of the old oil economy.

Getting out of the Food Crisis

While there has been widespread reporting of the riots that have broken out around the world as a result of the global food crisis, little attention has been paid to the way forward.

John McCain Debates Himself on Social Security

At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire recently Republican nominee John McCain responded to an audience question on Social Security privatization by saying, 'I am not for quote 'privatization of Social Security.' I never have been, never will be.”

Fans vs. Air Conditioners

According to Harvey Sachs of the non-profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the movement of air over the skin is what’s key to keeping the body cool.

Georgia: Grady Hospital Gets Less Trauma Money than Expected

The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission released its final report Monday, June 09, 2008, on allocating $58.9 million from the State of Georgia for the State’s network of 15 trauma care hospitals.

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