Health Care in Crisis: Who's Listening?

About 22,000 people died in 2006 in the US because they didn't have health insurance, according to an estimate by the Urban Institute.

Patriots and Philanthropists, Come Forth and Save America

It has become obvious that the Bush Administration will never come clean about any of the injustices it has committed. It has fought tooth and nail to avoid the release of information that rightfully belongs to the American public, ignoring legitimate Freedom of Information requests.

Privatization to Blame for Northern Rock's Failure

Demutualization - in essence, a form of privatization - lay at the heart of Northern Rock's problems. If it had continued as a building society, it could never have overstretched itself in the way that it did as a private bank.

US Labor Alliance Condemns Killings and Disappearances in the Philippines

After hearing the moving story of Edith Burgos, the mother of abducted land reform and farmers' advocate Jonas Burgos, the National Executive Board of the Asian-Pacific American Labor Alliance unanimously voted to endorse GMA Watch, a US based Philippine human rights monitoring network.

Iraq: “Pressing Need” for Drinking Water in Basra Under Curfew

Life in Basra, Iraq’s second-largest city, has been paralyzed by a large-scale government military operation against militiamen of the Mahdi Army led by radical Shia leader Moqtada al-Sadr, Mahdi al-Tamimi, head of the city’s Human Rights Office said on 25 March.

Activist Republican Federal Judges vs. Workers' Rights

After working for Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Co. for 19 years, Lily Ledbetter found the company had been cheating her.

“Good morning, Baghdad...”

Since the first day of the invasion by the U.S. and its allies, more than 4,000 soldiers from the United States have died amid the sands of Iraq.

War for Empire

There are many ways to view the War in Iraq, and by extension, much if not all of the so-called War on Terror. I’m interested here in talking about two different ways that the War in Iraq can be viewed simultaneously, that is, without excluding each other—however oppositional they appear to be at first.

Japan: Stop the Illegal Military Surveillance of the Public

The Ministry of Defense has a plan to integrate the three security intelligence units now existing in each of the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces by the end of March 2009. The ministry intends to submit a bill to revise the SDF Law for this purpose in the current session of the Diet.

Women's Lives 'Worse than Ever' in Afghanistan

On International Women's Day, a 'celebration' was held inside the Canadian military compound at Kandahar. For some media outlets in Canada, this was literally the only IWD event reported as 'news.'

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