Kiss My Blank-ity, Blank, Blank, Prince Charles

The British Royal family doesn’t give two hoots about the downside of imperialist wars - the morbid consequences, the extreme human suffering. Indifference is the word. Greed and arrogance, the distinguishing qualities of centuries of royal rule, has gotten us into this current never-ending war mess.


Could a Slight Thaw in U.S.-Cuba Relations be in the Offing?

In an almost unprecedented move on October 28, Cuba publicly agreed to allow three USAID officials to visit the island to assess the recent heavy damage inflicted by Hurricane Wilma.

Trade Unions Meet in China: A Plea to Act Against Western Hegemony

ORGANISED by the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) at Shanghai last month, the “International Forum on Economic Globalisation and Trade Unions 2005” was attended by 27 trade union functionaries from several countries.

The Larger Pension Question Looms

The mainstream press is finally covering the pension crisis with full force, spurred by Delphi’s bankruptcy filing and news that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has formalized its investigation of General Motors’ underfunded pension obligations.

Talking Points on House Resolution 505

This piece of legislation is the clearest way for Congress to demand a serious investigation of the Plame leak and the war lies that preceded it.

Books: Republicans vs. Democracy and the Consequences of Bush's War

Here is another of our occasional book roundups consisting of short notices of works we have not been able to fully review. If any of our readers are inspired to read one of these books and wishes to write a full review, please contact

Right-Wing Judicial Activism

Appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee as nominee for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts assured the senators that he would not be one of those noisome activist judges who inject their personal values into court decisions.

Supreme Court: Growing Opposition to Judge Samuel Alito's Confirmation

It's a sign of weakness. By dropping his support for Harriet Miers, an apparent victim of ultra-right hate, and appointing Judge Samuel Alito, whose ideological rigidity has right-wingers confident that he will vote their way on divisive issues, Bush signaled that he does not have the political capital to pursue his own agenda and that he has no political will of his own.

Avian Flu of Death

IN the last two years about 60 deaths in four countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia) have been reported due to the dreaded “avian flu”.  On the face of it, not something that would appear to be a cause for major concern. Yet there is widespread panic across the world.

Iran: Dangerous Game that Imperialism and Reaction are Playing with our National Interest

George Bush accused the Islamic Republic of supporting terrorism. During his meeting with Jalal Talebani, the President of Iraq, Tony Blair claimed that the new wave of terrorist attacks in the southern Iraq was financed and militarily supported by circles linked to the Iranian regime. The spokesman for the US State Department, accused the leaders of the regime in Iran of deception and likened them to the Iraqi regime during Saddam’s era. This well-orchestrated propaganda campaign is not accidental or without significance.

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