No Democratic Party 'Win' Next Week

Next week, it looks like the Republicans are going to lose big. They deserve to. They'be been corrupt, dishonest, more loyal to corporations and religious extremists than to our nation, our workers, our industries.

Thoreau, Unjust Wars, Voting, and Impeachment

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s warning the War on Terror promises to be a long, drawn-out struggle akin to the Cold War comes from an eminent authority on war-making and must be taken with the utmost seriousness.  

'We are in the midst of regime change'

About 100 people gathered earlier this week at Soho, a gay bar in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, to express their opposition to Proposal 2, a measure that would ban affirmative action programs in the state of Michigan.

Barbarians at the Gates?

A frequent theme in conservative rhetoric is the barbarism of Islamist terror groups. The National Review’s Deroy Murdock recited a litany of stabbings, mutilations, and decapitations, titling his essay after a quote by an Al Qaeda member: 'The Americans love Pepsi-cola, we love death.”

Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Elections

White House political head honcho Karl Rove was interviewed by National Public Radio yesterday. He effectively announced plans to steal the coming elections. The polls point decisively to a Democratic majority in the House, and possibly in the Senate.

As Republicans Disintegrate, Independent Voters Demand New Direction

With polling data indicating that voters are increasingly discontented about the aimlessness, human and financial cost, and endlessness of the war, Republicans have become paranoid about their chances of holding onto power in Congress.

Georgia Governor Perdue has Record of Hypocrisy and Ethical Violations

Since his days as a Georgia State Senator, Governor Sonny Perdue has an established record of corruption and contempt for the law.


Shifting voter mood sharpens battle for Congress

Karl Rove’s fear factor is falling flat. Yes, the threat of terrorism is a scare, but a lot of folks are getting even more scared by the combination of Bush in the White House and a Republican-controlled Congress. “Too dangerous!” is a familiar refrain from voters on the campaign trail.

A Philosophy of Voter Suppression

The most alarming thing I learned about American politics in the past decade is that one powerful group of political leaders is dedicated to keeping American citizens from voting. This group is the leadership of the modern Republican Party. This fact is carefully hidden from the average republican voter who clearly does not support this approach to politics.

The Death of a Nation

America died today. It did not die in the midst of fanfare but rather it went out with a mere whimper. My writing has often contained outrage and dramatics over the continued consolidation of executive power as this president and his rubber stamp GOP Congress have consistently stripped and gutted the underpinnings of the system of government in the United States. I have lamented the lack of guts and courage of our elected officials from both parties as we have seen the steady and deep erosion of our civil liberties and rights as Americans. Today however, October 17, 2006, is the day that the Republican Party officially put a match to the constitution of the United States of America and established the official reign of our despot-in-chief, George W. Bush.

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