Washington Legalizes Torture

Congress has just approved a bill legitimising the detention of certain detainees for an arbitrary period. This means it violates the very foundations of democracy.

Canada: Right-wing offensive in Toronto election stalls

TORONTO - After three years of relatively progressive municipal government, the right-wing has launched an offensive to take over City Hall and the School Board.

American Voters Must Not Reward Failure

How critical is the situation in Iraq? It depends on who you ask and when. Common sense tells us that the situation there has always been critical. On November 7th, only the American voter has the power to decide: whether to reward failure or to gracefully search for a way out.

The Industrial Services Complex Formerly Known as the Military

'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers,' by far the best film Robert Greenwald has created, is not about the military industrial complex.  Rather, it is about the remaining shell of the former military, having embedded within itself not just the media, but numerous other corporate entities.

Canadian Communists get set for 35th Convention

The 35th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada will take place in February, 2007. Meeting in Toronto over the Sept. 30-Oct. 1 weekend, the party's Central Committee adopted a resolution on the international situation and the turn to the right by the Harper Tory federal government. The Draft Resolution will be the main focus of debate for three months leading up to the CPC's Central Convention, scheduled for the first weekend of February in Toronto.

Bush as Brat: Pretensions to Empire

Lewis Lapham, essayist extraordinaire and editor of Harper's magazine, asked Congressman John Conyers what he thought the point was of publishing a lengthy report laying out evidence of Bush's impeachable offenses.  Conyers' response was: 'to take away the excuse that we didn't know.'

Prominent Republicans Want the GOP to Lose?: An issue to ponder

Please forgive me, but when I read prominent Republicans going on record as hoping the GOP will lose next month, something within me wants to look outside and see if the sky has fallen. At the very least, I feel unsettled because these days my being in agreement with any statements made by the GOP are as rare as having haggus at my dinner table.

Confirmation of the Peripheral Role of the Theocratic Element in this Bushite Regime

In my analysis of the nature of the forces that have coalesced into the creation of this regime, there are three major components: an insatiable and unscrupulous element of American capitalism (see 'The Predator State,' posted earlier this week); a power-lusting imperialist clique oriented toward imposing their domination on the planet; and a particular strain of narrow-minded, conflict-oriented Christianity.

All You Got To Do Is Listen To What Osama Bin Laden Says

Bush is mezmerized with the words of the terrorists. That's why Bush is keeping our soldiers bogged down in Iraq. He's listening to bin-Laden instead of the American people, who are telling him that they don't believe or agree with his reasons for being in Iraq; whether he's using his 'terror war' as an excuse, or any other of his lies.

Canadian Troops Face High Casulty Rates

A new study published by Ceasefire.ca has found that Canadian forces in Afghanistan are sustaining far higher death rates than U.S. occupation troops in Iraq. The report was issued before the Sept. 18 killing of four Canadian soldiers by a suicide bomber in Kandahar. That brought the number of Canadian combat deaths in Afghanistan to 36.

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