Why Bunny Greenhouse Sits In A Corner

Bunnatine Greenhouse sits in a cubicle in a far corner of an office in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., where, she says, “I am treated like a non-person.”

Now is the Time to Win a Single Payer National Healthcare System

Finally, the time has come, and Healthcare-NOW has been front and center – refusing to accept the “general wisdom” that  we just couldn’t do it --insisting for the past three years that we should not wait to build this movement until there was a positive government -- free of the private profiteers. 

As Republicans Disintegrate, Independent Voters Demand New Direction

With polling data indicating that voters are increasingly discontented about the aimlessness, human and financial cost, and endlessness of the war, Republicans have become paranoid about their chances of holding onto power in Congress.

Other Tools to Control Malaria Needed

Much of the developed world banned the use of DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) within about 10 years of the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.”


Social Security and the November elections

George Bush is getting set for another attempt to raid Social Security by deliberately and falsely connecting the retirement program with the crisis facing health care in the U.S.

Atlanta: Festival of Shelters Held at Woodruff Park

The Open Door Community and its political arm, The Martin Luther King Campaign for Economic Justice, held the Festival of Shelters at Woodruff Park Wednesday, providing free food and beverages to the homeless, along with solidarity, advocacy, and compassion.

Health care panel sets goal of universal coverage by 2012

A congressionally created special health care panel set a national goal of universal health care coverage by 2012, but its report and recommendations are far from the end of the story.

Health Matters: Thoughts on Universal Health Care

There is growing objective evidence that the next Congress will face massive pressure from all directions to resolve the health care crisis.

Election 2006: Doomsday for the GOP Agenda

The conduct of the Republican leadership of Congress, in collaboration with the Bush administration, has been disgraceful. They have shown that they will do whatever it takes to pass legislation that benefits the privileged few.

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