The Israeli Army Out of Control in Gaza

Palestine. New Israeli incursions have killed 21 Palestinians within three days. An inquiry appears to confirm that Tsahal, the Israeli Army, is now using a particularly sinister experimental weapon.

Nuclear Dual Standards

The US administration’s double standards in dealing with the intensifying nuclear crisis in North Korea further strengthens the argument that President George W Bush’s colonial designs are either exasperated by the vulnerability of his foes or deterred by their lethal preparedness.

Israeli Refuser Omri Evron Sentenced

A young communist activist from Tel-Aviv and occupation refuser Omri Evron was sentenced Sunday, Oct 15, 2006, to 14 days in military prison after he announced his refusal to enlist for regular mandatory service in the IDF.

Bush's Middle East Strategy Lies in Ruins as Republicans Scurry Away

Well, so much for Iraqi 'sovereignty.' So much too for 'staying the course' and for 'fighting the terrorists there so we won't have to fight them here.' And while we're at it, so much for all the young Americans who've tragically given their lives or their bodies and health in the interest of advancing President Bush's criminal political agenda.

Abusing the Arab Peace Initiative

The failed Qatari mediation in the still unresolved inter-Palestinian divide was in practice an American success in turning the Arab Peace Initiative (API) into a pressure tool that further exacerbates fractures both in Arab and Palestinian ranks, less than two weeks after the U.S. aborted a move by the Arab League to revive an overdue comprehensive approach to the Arab and Palestinian -Israeli conflict on its basis through the United Nations.

Olmert Moves to Include Liberman in his Government

Just what we needed. The government is running hard in order to avoid the appointment of a authentic Judicial Investigative Committee, i.e., one with wide powers.  Our Prime Minister is busy preparing himself for investigations into his all 'too-successful' real estate deals. His popularity rating hovers at a magnificent 7%.

Israel Deliberately Starves Palestinians into Submission

Many Americans haven’t the foggiest idea about why their country is reviled and attacked by Muslim militants. They won’t get it from President Bush, either, who has floated the absurd canard al Qaeda attacked New York and Washington on 9/11 because it is envious of America’s 'freedom.'

Hazardous Intent: US Brokers in Palestine

For someone who has played Israeli ambassador to the Middle East since her tenure began, Condoleezza Rice's on again, off again call for the plight of the Palestinian people has become more predictable than orange alerts during election season.

Italian Communists Support UNIFIL Mission, Call for Political Solution to ME Crisis

This is mission, unlike other military missions abroad, should not take part in the conflict; it should only have an interposition role that doesn't question Lebanon's sovereignty and it shouldn't intend the disarm of Hezbollah.

Middle East Report to the Communist Refoundation Party of Italy

Five years of the Bush administration have shown the failure of its war strategy. The plan for a “Greater Middle East”, the idea the neocons advanced to justify this military strategy, has provoked a vicious cycle of war and terrorism and has reinforced fundamentalist movements in the region.

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