Final week for Ecuador’s presidential race

Former Economy minister Rafael Correa is the clear frontrunner in Ecuador’s October 15 presidential race with 37% of respondents, --up 11 points since September--, supporting the Alliance Country (AP) candidate, according to a public opinion poll released by Cedatos/Gallup.

India: Left Front Gov't And Bengal's Industrialisation

IT is in the background of the onslaught of imperialist globalisation and liberalisation – with India's ruling classes succumbing to imperialist pressures resulting in the endemic closure of traditional industries – that some possibility of industrial development seems to have opened up in West Bengal.

Bush's Retreat to Iraq

Last month, 776 U.S. soldiers were wounded fighting Iraqis in Iraq. To everyone except Bush, the Iraq occupation is an epic disaster in which survival is the primary motivator and instigator. In fund-raising speeches around the country aimed at keeping his republican enablers in Congress in place to continue his military meddling, safely ensconced in his security bubble, Bush has all but abandoned Afghanistan and the battle against al-Qaeda's Taliban as he exploits the unrest he's caused in Iraq and casts the captured nation as the 'center' of his 'terror war'.

Lawsuit Intends to Force the Bush Administration to Recognize the Constitution

A recent lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) against the Department of Health and Human Services aims to force the Bush administration to cease violating the Constitution by funding marriage programs with an overtly religious slant.

Hazardous Intent: US Brokers in Palestine

For someone who has played Israeli ambassador to the Middle East since her tenure began, Condoleezza Rice's on again, off again call for the plight of the Palestinian people has become more predictable than orange alerts during election season.

Other Tools to Control Malaria Needed

Much of the developed world banned the use of DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) within about 10 years of the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.”

Knowledge and the Asian Challenge

THE scorching pace of expansion in exports of hi-tech manufactured products from China and software and IT-enabled services from India has supported the view that ‘knowledge capital’ plays a crucial role in the growing global presence of these countries.

The Impeachment Moment

If you've been around long enough, you've lived through moments -- there were a couple of striking ones in the Vietnam era -- when all the collective, practical wisdom of pundits and policy makers about what is possible in this world seems to fall away and suddenly the previously inconceivable enters the mainstream.


Social Security and the November elections

George Bush is getting set for another attempt to raid Social Security by deliberately and falsely connecting the retirement program with the crisis facing health care in the U.S.

Autoworkers are angry — and they should be!

Why are workers the ones who always suffer the consequences, when it is autoworkers whose labor has made billions for the auto companies?

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