LED Light Bulbs vs. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Perhaps the ultimate “alternative to the alternative,” the LED (light-emitting diode) light bulb may well dethrone the compact fluorescent (CFL) as king of the green lighting choices. But it has a way to go yet in terms of both affordability and brightness.

Activists Protest Immigrant Prisons in Georgia

On October 14, 2008, about 20 protesters representing many humanitarian organizations gathered to protest a jail in Cobb County, Georgia, which houses illegal immigrants who have been arrested under Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996.


Karl Marx and the Economic Crisis Today

In a recent article for Reuters, titled “Karl Marx and the World Financial Crisis,” Bernd Debussmann discusses the present global crisis.


Book Review: Democracy's Prisoner

In 1917, Woodrow Wilson's Attorney General, Thomas Gregory, persuaded Congress to pass the Espionage Act, which contained provisions for government censorship of public discussion of the First World War.

McCain Campaign: Tax Relief for Working Families is 'Welfare'

Provide $45 billion in tax breaks for the 200 biggest corporations or $4 billion to the five largest oil companies, and the McCain campaign calls it economic stimulus. If it the plan is to provide 95 percent of working families with real tax relief, however, the McCain campaign calls it 'welfare.'


Online Tax Calculator Shows Benefits of Obama Plan

Taxes have emerged as an issue in the 2008 presidential race, with John McCain charging Barack Obama with planning to raise taxes, despite the Obama campaign's pledge to reduce taxes for 95 percent of working families.

Make Every Effort to Achieve Peace in Afghanistan

Seven years have elapsed since the United States started its war of retaliation against Afghanistan. With turmoil growing in the Afghan situation, there is a widespread view in the United Nations and countries that keep ground troops there that military means cannot resolve the conflict.

The Capitalist Crisis and Credit (2008)

We can expect that the recent oft reported suggestions that there are going to be schemes to regulate remuneration for future bank executives is probably in grave danger, even while such schemes are only glints in the eye of the government.

McCain and 'Alternate Fuels': Fact Checking the Debate

For the second straight presidential debate, John McCain delivered a confused and misleading picture of his position on renewable energy sources. In the Oct. 15th debate, McCain said, 'So the point is, with nuclear power, with wind, tide, solar, natural gas, with the development of flex fuel, hybrid, clean coal technology...

Presidential Debate Fact Check: McCain's Big Bank Bailout

Exactly one month after the Wall Street meltdown, after weeks of pretending the 'fundamentals of the economy are strong,' John McCain finally offered a plan on resolving the crisis.

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