Troy Davis Gets Third Stay of Execution

(APN) ATLANTA - A federal appeals court in Atlanta stayed the execution of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis just days before his latest scheduled execution.

The Facts About Tax Cuts and the Presidential Campaign

As John McCain travels the country screaming about taxes, socialism, terrorism, and anything else that occurs to him, more than 1.5 million people have logged onto the Obama campaign's new Web site, , to find out how much they would save in tax relief under the Obama plan.


The Trauma of Being John McCain

As unemployment grows and trillions are lost in the stock market and the bank “recapitalization,” John McCain is throwing out one liners to make it appear that he is against what he and his party have been doing since the beginning of the 1980s.

Can Dems Win a Filibuster-proof Senate?

Since losing power in the Senate in 2006, Republicans, with the help of Sen. John McCain, have instigated a record 94 filibusters in order to grind the legislative process to a halt and protect George W. Bush's agenda.

Credit Crunch Hits College Students

The credit crunch is limiting college access for some students in the United States by making it more difficult for them or their parents to obtain student loans to finance the steep cost of a four-year education.

New Mexico Republicans Illegally Obtain Voter Registration Documents

Voting rights groups demanded a criminal investigation this week into whether or not New Mexico's Bernalillo County Clerk's Office released confidential voter information to Republican Party operatives in violation of state privacy laws.

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