Clinton Helps Make Michigan Obama Country

Grand Rapids, Mich. – An enthusiastic crowd of several hundred people gathered at Central High School here Sat., Sept. 27, for a rally held by Hillary Clinton on behalf of Barack Obama.

Canada: 33 Excellent reasons to Defeat the Harper Tories

The Conservatives have expanded Canada's role in the bloody military occupation in Afghanistan, which is now extended until at least 2011. To date, 97 Canadians and thousands of Afghans have died in this tragic war, which has cost Canadian taxpayers an estimated $8 billion.

What the Banking Crisis Really Means?

What is happening in the bank crisis, what are the likely outcomes, and what should we who are activists in and for peoples democratic movements begin to do about it?


McCain's Campaign Stunt Shows 'Reckless' Side

In his speech to the nation Wednesday, Sept. 24th, George W. Bush blamed homeowners and lenders for the current financial crisis in explaining the origins of the financial crisis on Wall Street. Bush went on to use near-apocalyptic terms to drive home the need for an immediate $700 billion bailout of Wall Street bankers and lenders.

Afraid to Debate?

John McCain sought to cancel the first presidential debate scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26, ostensibly to work on the financial crisis. Before the phony campaign suspension, McCain was at Morgan Library and Museum 'preparing' for his Friday debate.

Iraq and the Polls – The Myth of War Support

Discussing the preface to The Opinion Makers, by David W. Moore (Boston: Beacon Press, 2008) in Part 1, we reviewed the claim that the polls distort and misrepresent public opinion. Here is a case in point: how the polls manufactured a pro Iraq War sentiment to bolster the claims of the Bush administration.


Poll Numbers, Scandal or Panic?: What's Behind McCain's Latest 'Ploy'

Did John McCain suspend his campaign 'to return to Washington to broker a deal on the financial crisis' in order to use the financial crisis as a way to prop up his sagging poll numbers? Or, is he afraid to meet Barack Obama head to head in a debate?


Polls: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

This is an important book to read, especially during this electoral season. It's not very long (161 pages), but it thoroughly explains how public opinion polls are manipulated to produce the results wanted by those who use them to influence and shape public perceptions of reality.

Two Activists Arrested at Troy Davis Sit-in at Governor's Office

ATLANTA - Two anti-death penalty activists, Rev. Marvin Morgan, First Congregational Church, and Steve Woodhall, were arrested today at the Governor's Office, after refusing to leave the office until speaking with the governor about tomorrow's impending execution of Troy Davis.

PWW Better World Awards, NYC

This year the Better World Awards was held on Saturday June 14, 2008. The event took place at the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium at 1199 SEIU.

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