Book Review: Lockdown America, by Christian Parenti

Over 1.7 million US citizens now live in prison, a 300 per cent increase since 1980. In some US cities, one-third of all Black men are in jail, while spending on prisons has overtaken allocations for higher education in California.

Canada: 33 Excellent reasons to Defeat the Harper Tories

The Conservatives have expanded Canada's role in the bloody military occupation in Afghanistan, which is now extended until at least 2011. To date, 97 Canadians and thousands of Afghans have died in this tragic war, which has cost Canadian taxpayers an estimated $8 billion.

Mysterious Viral E-mail Generates Huge Donations for Planned Parenthood

A viral e-mail of unknown origins urging recipients to donate to Planned Parenthood 'in honor of Sarah Palin' generated more than 31,000 donations totaling over $800,000 for the women's health and family planning organization.

John McCain and 'Alternate Energy': Fact Checking the Presidential Debate

During the presidential debate, Sept. 26, John McCain claimed, “I voted for alternate fuel all my time… No one can be opposed to alternate energy, no one.” But John McCain's own record suggests he may be confused about how he has voted, not just once or twice, but 23 times against renewable energy.

John McCain Wants a Social Security System Made on Wall Street

John McCain says he is ready to make sound economic decisions to help avoid further financial crisis. But McCain has long described himself as a supporter of deregulation and reduced oversight of business and banking, a policy many experts have linked to the recent financial collapse on Wall Street.

McCain's Social Security Privatization Plan Hammers Florida

In the same week that the US stock market has crashed hundreds of points due to the failure of two major US banks, the Obama campaign took time to point out the flaw in John McCain's Social Security privatization scheme.

Venezuela Expands Preschool and Drug Prevention Programs

Venezuela's national preschool program known as Simoncito has been expanded to serve 70% of Venezuelan children, and a new drug prevention program will be launched in high schools this year in cooperation with the National Anti-drug Office.

Fighting Back Against the Politics of Distraction

Without a doubt the McCain campaign has sunk the presidential elections this year to a new low, with misleading ads, mudslinging, and attack ads focused on personalities rather than issues. Americans have heard more about pigs in lipsticks than what candidates will do to fix the economy.

John McCain and the Veterans 'Paradigm Shift'

John McCain says he supports veterans benefits, but his political record suggests, if elected, he would represent four more years of neglect of veterans issues, said Philip Carter, a US Army veteran and director of the Obama National Veterans Vote.

'It's easy for me to be ... divorced,' says McCain

After weeks of negative campaigning and mud-slinging, John McCain made a stunning admission this week. During a presidential forum Sept. 11th, McCain said, 'It's easy for me to go to Washington and, frankly, be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have.'

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