Palestinian Economy: From Bad to Wretched

The numbers are grim, whether in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian economy is in one of its most wretched states, and the disaster is mostly, if not entirely human-made, thus reversible.

Quartet “Failing” the Palestinians

The international community has failed to fulfill any of the goals it set itself regarding the Middle East peace process and has therefore made little progress in improving the lives and humanitarian situation of Palestinians.

Afghan Exile Calls for Multiethnic, Secular Democracy

It is unanimously recognized that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating by the day. The engagement by NATO of over 70, 000 soldiers has offered no solution to the principal problems of terrorism, political instability, and the production and traffic of opium.

Tzipi and the Generals

Israel is in a tremendous state of instability and uncertainty. Olmert has tendered his resignation, but no one knows whether [Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi] Livni will be able to form a coalition.

The Syria-Israel Peace Gambit

Few would argue that the indirect Israel-Syria talks through Turkish mediation, which were first announced 21 May, were a sign of political maturity and readiness for peace.

This Must be Some Kind of a Record

Ehud Olmert is on his way out, having agreed – under pressure from his coalition partners – to concede the premiership to whoever is chosen by his party to take his place.

Israeli Measures Deny Palestinians Access to Land Around Settlements

For years, Israeli authorities have both barred Palestinian access to rings of land surrounding settlements, and have not acted to eliminate settlers’ piratical closing of lands adjacent to settlements and blocking of Palestinian access to them.

Gaza: Harvesting in Hope

On a hot afternoon during the month of Ramadan, there are few better places to be than resting beneath the shade of an orchard of guava trees, with the scent of fresh ripening fruit wafting around you.

Deadline Looms for Another Student Trapped Inside Gaza

During the last two days of August, the Egyptian authorities permitted approximately 3,300 people to cross the Gazan border at Rafah into Egypt 'for humanitarian reasons.'

Georgia: End of a One Polar World

On August 25, 2008 the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation voted unanimously to urge President Medvedev to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. The following day Medvedev agreed and signed a decree in which Russia officially recognized the two entities.

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