Number of Cholera Cases in Iraq Nearly Doubles

More than 300 confirmed cholera cases have been registered in central and southern Iraq since an outbreak began on 20 August, with almost 50 percent of the cases occurring in the past week.

McCain's Health Care Plan: Destruction Masked as Reform

When politicians start to bandy about buzzwords, you know we're in trouble. And when it's McCain talking about health care and the buzzwords are 'consumer choice' and 'competition,' that trouble is deep, very, very deep.

Who Do You Want to be President When You Get Sick?

As many as 27 million American workers can expect to lose their employment-sponsored health care benefits if John McCain's health care proposals become law, a new report by the Economic Policy Institute's Policy Center showed this week.

Protests Over Bush Admin. Contraceptives Rule Continue

More than 65,000 people submitted comments to the Department of Health and Human Services, rejecting new Bush administration rules that women's health care advocates believe could jeopardize women's access to quality health care.

John McCain Plans to Deregulate Health Insurance

With the collapse of Wall Street on everyone's mind, John McCain may have made a huge mistake publishing an article in the current issue of Contingencies magazine calling for the deregulation of the health insurance industry.

Confirmed Cholera Cases Exceed 100 in Iraq

The number of confirmed cases of cholera has risen to 107 in central and southern parts of the country, a Health Ministry spokesman said on 16 September.

'It's easy for me to be ... divorced,' says McCain

After weeks of negative campaigning and mud-slinging, John McCain made a stunning admission this week. During a presidential forum Sept. 11th, McCain said, 'It's easy for me to go to Washington and, frankly, be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have.'

John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Politics of Distraction

As moderate elements of the Republican Party melt away from supporting the Bush legacy and John McCain, more and more of the hardcore and extremist forces and voices in the Republican Party have eagerly stepped forward.

Guaranteed Medical Care for Vets a 'Burden,' Says John McCain

John McCain is pushing the idea of privatizing veterans' health care. He advanced the idea in recent stump speeches, even after media and congressional investigations in 2007 uncovered how underfunding and privatization of services at some of the country's top military hospitals caused poor care, neglect, and other dangerous conditions for wounded veterans.

Sarah Palin: The View from Alaska

'If Palin has two thoughts about foreign policy, she's managed to keep them to herself. Ditto health care. National energy policy. Fiscal policy. You could make a long list, but I'll stop there...'

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