Clinton Helps Make Michigan Obama Country

Grand Rapids, Mich. – An enthusiastic crowd of several hundred people gathered at Central High School here Sat., Sept. 27, for a rally held by Hillary Clinton on behalf of Barack Obama.

Dangers of Backyard Fire Pits for the Environment

With Fall setting in and the mercury starting to drop, many of us want to extend our time outdoors, and sitting around a backyard fire pit has become one of the most popular means to do so.


Book Review: Lockdown America, by Christian Parenti

Over 1.7 million US citizens now live in prison, a 300 per cent increase since 1980. In some US cities, one-third of all Black men are in jail, while spending on prisons has overtaken allocations for higher education in California.

Bailing Out Capitalism

The financial bomb that exploded last week saw three of the five largest financial institutions on Wall Street collapse within a 24-hour span. Billions of dollars were wiped off the value of shares around the globe, and fears of a total break down of the global financial system took over.

Canada: 33 Excellent reasons to Defeat the Harper Tories

The Conservatives have expanded Canada's role in the bloody military occupation in Afghanistan, which is now extended until at least 2011. To date, 97 Canadians and thousands of Afghans have died in this tragic war, which has cost Canadian taxpayers an estimated $8 billion.


Bush's Self-criticism

In a brief 15-minute speech [Sept. 24], the President of the United States made some assertions that, had they come from the mouths of any of his adversaries, they would have been described as atrocious and cynical slanders against the economic system of his country which he named “democratic capitalism.”

Finances and the Current Crisis: How did we get here and what is the way out?

While we are for the stabilization and the restoration of the orderly functioning of financial markets, we advocate a plan that not only restores market liquidity, but also addresses the pressing crisis on Main Street and revives the overall economy.

Inflating Your Tires with Nitrogen?

Whether or not it makes environmental sense to inflate car tires with nitrogen instead of air is a matter of much debate. Proponents of nitrogen say the element is a smart choice for the environment primarily because it leaks from tires at a slower rate than air.

What the Banking Crisis Really Means?

What is happening in the bank crisis, what are the likely outcomes, and what should we who are activists in and for peoples democratic movements begin to do about it?

McCain's Health Care Plan: Destruction Masked as Reform

When politicians start to bandy about buzzwords, you know we're in trouble. And when it's McCain talking about health care and the buzzwords are 'consumer choice' and 'competition,' that trouble is deep, very, very deep.

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