Bush and Howard’s Nightmares


11-06-07, 9:27 am

Events keep piling up that show how the aspirations of the US and European governments to reimpose colonial regimes in their lost empires are steadily unraveling. At the same time, their implacable opposition to the economic and political independence of the former colonies and their attempts to strangle the socialist countries are proving equally futile.

In the UN General Assembly meeting the pathetic yearly charade in which the US attempts to mobilize support of its blockade of Cuba was again blown out of the water with a vote of 184 to 4. The US, its servile running dog, Israel, and it’s former colonies the Marshall Islands and Palau, where the only votes cast in support of the blockade.

Even the equally pathetic mangy dog – the Howard government – was too embarrassed to vote in favor of the blockade and Robert Hill (Australia’s rep to the UN), who used to be Australia’s Minister of Defense, contented himself with attacks on Cuba’s alleged human rights record.

Another significant setback for imperialist plans was opposition to the continued provision by Japanese ships of fuel cargoes and other supplies to US ships involved in the Iraq war. The Japanese ships have had to return to their home ports.

The extreme right-wing Japanese ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party, recently suffered a crushing defeat at the polls. The main issue was the violation of Japan’s peace Constitution which forbids the use of Japanese armed forces in any overseas role. One Prime Minister has already been forced to resign and it is likely that his replacement will also bite the dust.

The US lined up 11 pro-Iraqi war countries (including Australia and Canada) in an attempt to pressure the Japanese opposition parties but it did not work. They attempted to justify their policies by claiming them to be part of the “war on terrorism” when everyone knows that their real objective is the long-term occupation of both Iraq and Afghanistan and to provide bases for a war against Iran.

Yet another development giving George Bush and John Howard bad dreams is the consolidation of the relations between Russia and China. The Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao said in a recent interview that relations between Russia and China “are at their best in history”.

Wen said that they will continue to support each other on major issues and each other’s core interests. The next decade will be an important historical period for both the evolution of the international situation and the development of China-Russia relations.

China supports Russia in its pursuit of the development route that suits its own national conditions and will oppose interference from outside said Wen.

These two countries together, make up a considerable slice of the world’s population, contain huge natural resources and a very large pool of scientific ability. They also constitutes an enormous contiguous land mass. To this must be added many of the other countries, formerly part of the Soviet Union, but which are now united in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

While the economies of China and Russia are forging ahead at a great pace, the West is lurching from one economic crisis to another. The instability of the West’s economies is well illustrated by the violent up and down swings of their stock exchanges.

These are just a few of the developments that are giving Western leaders nightmares.

From The Guardian