Iran: Regime's Adventurism Gives Imperialists an Excuse to Intervene

11-05-05, 8:54 am

A Statement from the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran regarding the dangerous consequences of Ahmadi-Nejad's comments

The deeply irresponsible comments made by Mahmood Ahmadi-Nejad, President of the regime of Velayat-e-faquih in Iran, on Wednesday October 26 about 'wiping Israel off the world map' has once again put Iran in a serious political crisis. The Tudeh Party Iran, along with all progressive and democratic forces of Iran and the world, condemns this foolish and vain posturing.

The extent of the international condemnation of Iran, has been such that in the past few days a number of the regime's commentators have been struggling to portray these comments as the re-iteration of the regime's previously expressed positions and not warranting special attention. But it is clear that these comments are the contrary to the norm in international politics and for this very reason it was predictable that the United States and its allies in the European Union would take advantage of Iran's stance and orchestrate a comprehensive campaign against Iran: the first results of which were the unanimous condemnation of the Iranian president by the UN Security Council and the EU. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, who has the current chairmanship of the EU, mentioned the possibility of military action against Iran for the first time. Condoleeza Rice also counted Iran's current policy as a clear justification for America's anti-Iran policies, and accused the Iranian regime of supporting international terrorism. It is clear that the stance of Ahmadi-Nejad and a few others within his government can further increase Iran's international isolation, and seriously threaten our country's independence. In recent months, the Tudeh Party of Iran, in its analysis of recent events within the country, and especially those following the election of Ahmadi-Nejad who became President through widespread electoral fraud has always warned against the domestic and foreign policies of the despotic regime. We believe that given the immense problems that the new government is facing and with the knowledge that it cannot fulfill its election promises of improvements in the living conditions if the dispossessed and toiling people, in the meantime intensifying the persecution of the opposition and reformist movement, has adopted this current policy in order to divert public attention and further increase the oppression of the opposition forces.

Obviously, if the regime perseveres with its irresponsible policies and repeats its recent aggressive posturing, and its inflexibility regarding constructive negotiations with the UN and its affiliate organizations, there is a serious possibility of sanctions being imposed and Iran's case being taken before the Security Council.

The Tudeh Party of Iran condemns the ruling reaction and opposes it in earnest and from a principled position. We deem it also necessary to declare our vehement opposition to the policies of the United States, Britain, and other capitalist countries that are trying to take advantage of the present situation to advance their own imperialist agendas in the Middle East. We strongly condemn any new military action in the region and against Iran, under whatever pretext, and warn about the dire consequences of such actions for the people of the region and for international peace. We consider respect for the statutes and resolutions of UN and its affiliate organizations, such as the IAEA, and the Human Rights Commission as the only way to guarantee the security and sovereignty of Iran in the present conditions.

Once again we call upon all popular, democratic, and liberal forces of our country to do their utmost for the creation of a broad anti-dictatorship front. We believe that it is only with cooperation and joint effort of all freedom-loving democratic forces of our country that the reaction's plots and the sinister plans of foreign powers against our country can be thwarted, and the way can be paved towards the establishment of freedom, democracy and social justice in our country.

From Tudeh News, the International Bulletin of the Tudeh Party of Iran.