Iraqi Communists Condemn Terrorist Attack on Party Office

11-23-05, 9:23 am


Cowardly Terrorist Attack on Party Office in Al-Thawra (Al- Sadr City) - Baghdad

Our Iraqi Party Organization in Al-Thawra City in Baghdad held its first open mass event today as part of preparations for the elections, with a convoy of cars starting off from the party office in the district at 4.00 pm (22 Nov. 2005). One hour later, an armed group blocked the road leading to the party office, stormed the place and killed two comrades.

The attackers then covered their withdrawal with a barrage of indiscriminate shooting.

As a result of this cowardly terrorist and brutal attack, two of our comrades, Abdul Aziz Jassim Hassan and Yass Khudhayer Haider, were martyred.

This cowardly act, which comes at a time when we are preparing for the forthcoming elections, is aimed at the political process and the need to ensure that the elections are conducted in an honest and transparent manner, free of coercion and intimidation. The forces of obscurantism and terror that carried out this crime are deeply hostile to our Party and scared by its prestige and consistent struggle for the prosperity of people and freedom of the homeland.

The two comrades who were victims of this treacherous attack have joined the martyrs of the Communist Party; the martyrs of Iraq.

The murderous criminals, who have had the spirit of violence, destruction and “democracy” of blood instilled in them by the previous dictatorial regime, and others, will not be able to undermine our resolve to continue the struggle for a peaceful and democratic Iraq, where citizens enjoy security, freedom of thought, expression and belief, free of policies of exclusion and negation of the Other; an Iraq where there is no place for obscurantist elements and murderers, and those who deny the masses of people their right to decide their own path with their own will.

We hold the government authorities responsible for not providing the necessary prerequisites and adequate protection to ensure a proper launching of the election process in secure and stable conditions. We also demand that the government acts urgently to identify the murderers and hand them over to justice to be punished for their heinous crime.

Shame and disgrace to the murderous criminals Glory to the two martyrs, Abdul Aziz and Yas Victory to our people and their patriotic and democratic forces

Baghdad - 22 November 2005