November 2010

Broad Coalition Urges Passage of DREAM Act

With comprehensive immigration appearing less and less likely during the "lame duck" session of Congress, many are pushing for passage of the DREAM Act this month as an important partial measure.

Don't Deport Brian Pastor

Young Man of Faith Tells Congress: Give Me a Chance Bernard Pastor of Ohio Shows What’s at Stake for Politicians, Our Country in DREAM Act Debate   Washington, DC – As the DREAM Act moves toward a vote during the lame duck session of Congress, Republicans are busy dusting off their excuses for intransigence, inaction, and opposition to DREAM.  But the story of a young future pastor out of Ohio illustrates the compelling need for the DREAM Act, and what’s at stake for policymakers and our country if Republican lawmakers oppose this bill.    The story of Bernard Pastor, an 18-year old from the Cincinnati, OH area, puts a “human face” on the DREAM Act debate.  Pastor, who aspires to be pastor of his own church, was brought to the United States from Guatemala at the age of three and subsequently graduated in the top five of his class at Reading High School, near Cincinnati, last May.  Yet according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, after being involved in a minor car accident, Pastor was sent to a federal detention facility for deportation after police discovered he was undocumented.

Will Congress Continue Jobless Benefits to Help the Unemployed, Their Families and the Economy?

Original source: Coalition on Human Needs Unless Congress acts when it returns from the Thanksgiving holiday, millions of hardworking Americans who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state benefits—including 2 million in December alone—will lose their federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

The People of Watsonville 1 – Picking the Colonizers' Vegetable

The California coast, from Davenport south through Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Castroville, is brussels sprouts country.  Most of this vegetable in north America comes from these fields, although a growing harvest now takes place in Baja California, in northern Mexico.

Republicans Stall on START – Harm Global Relations

If the Senate decides to vote on the new START treaty with Russia, it will likely garner enough votes for passage, an expert with a top Washington think tank predicted Monday, Nov. 22.

Guide to Greener Technology

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Where can I find information on which electronics and their manufacturers are greener than others, with regard to components, manufacturing processes and end use efficiency?       -- John Franken, New York, NY

Undercover Cops Infiltrate SOAW Protest Planning

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News

Unless Congress Acts – A Bleak Holiday Season for Millions

Original source: Black Commemtator The U.S. Congress that convened for its limited "lame duck" session this week has a lot on its plate; it will act - or not act - on some of the pressing issues facing the nation, wrap up its business and go home for the holidays.

Georgia: 8 Arrested at Immigrant Prison in Lumpkin

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive News (APN) LUMKPIN, Georgia -- Approximately 100 people gathered today, Friday, November 19, 2010, at the square in Lumpkin, Georgia to make the 1.7 mile walk to the Stewart Detention Center (SDC) where 2,000 immigrants are held.

China not Neocolonialist

Original source: China DailyMutual benefits and respect distinguish China’s presence in Africa from Western colonialists and profiteers

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