November 2010

Israeli Human Rights Groups Expose Abuses

Original source: B'Tselem

Photos: The People of the Central Valley

As many as half a million people live in California's 220 unincorporated communities, or colonias.  Toolville's water rights movement got the help of California Rural Legal Assistance' project for Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities, supported by PolicyLink.

A Crucial Election for the U.S. and the World

I was on a labor walk this Saturday and found union people of all backgrounds, private and pubic sector, ready to vote and ready to help get out the vote.

U.S. Military – The World's Largest Polluter

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: What is the U.S. military doing to reduce its carbon footprint and generally green its operations?        -- Anthony Gomez, New York, NY

Mortgage, Foreclosure Paperwork Errors Not a New Problem

Original source: The Atlanta Progressive NewsATLANTA, Georgia, Oct 31, 2010 (IPS) - The discovery of apparent massive fraud in mortgage and foreclosure documents has called into question millions of pending foreclosures in the U.S. Several banks have enacted partial or complete moratoriums until the issues can be resolved.Yet activists and experts who have been dealing with the foreclosure industry for years say this is a longstanding problem that's only recently come to national attention."There are hundreds of cases around the country where judges have chastised lenders for all kinds of errors.

Public Workers – A Visual Reality Check

In California cities like San Jose and San Francisco, voters this election will decide on ballot measures to weaken the retirement system for public workers.  These are the same kind of measures that have brought workers into the streets of France for weeks in protest.

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